Digital Supply Chains

A Practitioner's Guide to Successful Digitalization

Thomas Mrozek, Daniel Seitz, Kai-Uwe Gundermann y Matthias Dicke

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Thomas Mrozek, Daniel Seitz, Kai-Uwe Gundermann, Matthias Dicke, Digital Supply Chains (2020), Campus Frankfurt / New York, 60486 Frankfurt/Main, ISBN: 9783593443973


Descripción / Abstract

Concrete instructions for digital transformation in business

Supply Chain Management is without question deeply affected by the disruptive forces of a modern organization, positively as well as negatively. Between Advanced Analytics and AI, agile role models and autonomous warehouses a senior executive is often in danger of losing track in the digital jungle.
In these exciting times, with their many turning points, h&z aims to share insights around digital supply chains, their application in business and the so vital transformation to successfully prepare organizations for this challenge. This book provides insights into best practices current supply chain and how CSOs apply technologies and advancements. It also makes daring forecasts about how processes and leadership must be designed so that the digital transformation does not fail in its infancy, but leads to a truly agile organization.


Thomas Mrozek is a partner at h&z and responsible for supply chain management. Mrozek's specialization is making supply chains future-proof, and he works with major corporations and medium-sized businesses to make sustainable improvements to service.
Daniel Seitz is a partner at h&z and responsible for supply chain management. Seitz is the co-founder of h&z Supply Chain Innovation Forums. He works to make businesses and organizations reach higher levels of performance by developing innovative concepts.
Kai-Uwe Gundermann, Senior Expert and Project Leader at h&z, combines expert knowledge with practical experience for supply chain management. His emphasis is on planning, logistics, production and operating model optimization.
Matthias Dicke is a consultant and part of Supply Chain Practice at h&z. In his capacity as digital native and a member of Generation Y, he is particularly interested in working with clients to institute new practices along the supply chain.


  • Contents
  • Part 1
  • General Introduction
  • Part 2: Enablers for Future Supply Chains
  • Building blocks of the Digital Supply Chain Thomas Mrozek Key technology trends
  • Advanced Analytics†”Powerful and indispensable Tony Zscheye How to successfully facilitate the application of Advanced Analytics in your organization
  • Artificial Intelligence: Supply Chains will never be the same Matthias Dicke
  • Call to Action: A Checklist for Practitioners
  • Part 3: Leverage Enablers for Supply Chain Functions
  • Digital Procurement: A key driver for performance improvement Agnes Erben, Matthias Mette
  • Future Supply Chain Planning: Faster and smarter Thomas Mrozek
  • Logistics Today and Tomorrow Thomas Tapp
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Connecting the dots Thomas Mrozek
  • Call to Action: A Checklist for Practitioners
  • Part 4: Digital Supply Chains in Action
  • Being a Leader in a Digital Supply Chain Kai-Uwe Gundermann, Thomas Mrozek
  • Cultural transformation: The heart and soul of digitalization Daniel Seitz
  • Digital Transformation Office: The engine for success Daniel Seitz
  • Getting it done: Proven strategies and a survival guide Kai-Uwe Gundermann, Daniel Seitz
  • Call to Action: A Checklist for Practitioners
  • Endnotes

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