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North Americanization of Latin America?

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North Americanization of Latin America? (01.04.2023), WBG, Darmstadt, ISBN: 9783534275977


  • Cover
  • Impressum
  • Contents
  • Between "Moral Conquest" and Global Integration
  • Part I: North Americanization in the Global Context
  • Americanization and Anti-Americanism in the Age of Globalization
  • A Transformational Vision: The American State and Private Sectors in Latin America
  • "Americanization" and Mortuary Ritual in Greater Mexico
  • Part II: Consumerism and the Rise of Mass Cultures
  • Marketing 'Necessities': The Casa Booker and the Emergence of the Department Store
  • The American Way of After-Life
  • Part III: Gender Relations and the Role of the U. S. Model
  • Beauty, National Identity, and Cuban Interface with the United States
  • Voyeuristic Exoticism: The Multiple Uses of the Image of U. S. Women in Chile
  • Part IV: Elite Culture Between Imitation and Delimitation
  • Visions from the South
  • Mutual Constructions of a Usable Tradition
  • Part V: The American 'Other' and the Reconstruction of the Nation
  • "Down Mexico Way": Stereotypes and American Tourism
  • The Popular Fronts and Folklore
  • Armed Resistance and Anti-Intervention Diplomacy
  • Contributors
  • Backcover

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