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BIM Applications for Track Maintenance

Christoph Schütze

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Christoph Schütze, BIM Applications for Track Maintenance (2020), PMC Media House, Bingen a. Rhein, ISBN: 9783962452285

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Beschreibung / Abstract

Track maintenance in the railway sector is carried out with the help of track construction measures, which mainly involve the repair, i.e. the restoration of the target condition, of the track. Track construction measures must be planned precisely in order to determine and comply with the resulting operational restrictions. At the same time, track construction measures must be implemented economically, as the financial resources of the railway infrastructure companies are limited.

One way to improve the planning, costing and calculation process of track construction measures is to apply Building Information Modelling (BIM) methods. This includes a combination of collaborative work and communication methods with a digital (data) model that is consistent throughout all life cycle phases of an infrastructure. The application of BIM methods promises more transparency, higher planning accuracy as well as improved cost certainty and adherence to schedules.

What you can find in this ABSTRACT:
- an introduction to the basics of BIM
- a representation of the application of BIM methods for infrastructure
- first approaches of BIM in track construction
- the diverse potential of BIM in track maintenance


  • BIM applications for Track Maintenance
  • Summary
  • Content
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Building Information Modelling
  • 3 BIM in track construction
  • 4 Potential of BIM for maintenance activities
  • 5 Conclusion
  • References
  • Abbreviations
  • Index
  • The Author

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