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Do Epic Stuff!

Leadership after Change Management, plus E-Book inside (ePub, mobi oder pdf)

René Esteban

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René Esteban, Do Epic Stuff! (2020), Campus Frankfurt / New York, 60486 Frankfurt/Main, ISBN: 9783593443782

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Nach einer kaufmännischen Ausbildung war René Esteban mit nicht einmal 30 Jahren verantwortlich für den globalen E-Commerce sowie die Digitalisierung von Marketing & Sales bei einem DAX-30-Unternehmen. Mittlerweile unterstützt er mit seinem Unternehmen FocusFirst Konzerne dabei, deren Ziele mit einem menschlichen Ansatz zu erreichen: Inspiration und Fokus.

René Esteban is the founder and CEO of the consulting firm FocusFirst GmbH. He helps executives and their teams to achieve their most challenging goals in a global corporate environment.
Fortune 500 companies and the like will typically engage René and his team when faced with challenges that, due to their size and complexity, initially seem difficult to manage. René and his team will then ensure that these challenges are tackled with both focus and inspiration. His work is based on expert methods from the field of success psychology, with which significant goals can be achieved both faster and more effectively.

Beschreibung / Abstract

Reach out for that big goal!

The methods of change management are outdated – today focus and inspiration matter the most. René Esteban shows leaders how to help their team to give their all for an attractive goal, how to keep it in sight against all odds, and how to work towards it with zeal and enthusiasm. René mixes his own tried and tested experiences from the corporate world with surprisingly effective psychological methods.
Do Epic Stuff explains how leaders develop the kind of outstanding team which will be at the foundation of future organizations. There is nothing more attractive than a goal full of purpose, which makes everyone move in the same direction. The insights from this book will be the tools for your great breakthrough success as a leader!
Top executives from the likes of Allianz, BMW, E.ON, and Deutsche Telekom contribute their expert knowledge on how to inspire teams and how to help them reach that big audacious goal.
»Inspiring and focused. René Esteban showcases that achieving epic business goals is possible.« Brian Tracy, Author of the New York Times Bestseller »Eat That Frog«


  • Contents
  • Introduction: (Almost) Anything Is Possible with This Book
  • Chapter 1: Head of Epic Stuff: You Want to Make a Difference, Don’t You?
  • Chapter 2: Think (Yourself) Ahead: Success Starts in Your Head
  • Chapter 3: If You Hunt Two Hares, You Won’t Catch Either: Focus First!
  • Chapter 4: What Everybody Is Striving for: The Culture that Makes Great Things Possible
  • Chapter 5: Your Team Is Larger Than You Think: Get Everyone Involved
  • Chapter 6: The Future in 4D: What Really Motivates People
  • Chapter 7: Go Big or Stay Home: Now You Will Deliver
  • Chapter 8: Explain It to a 7-Year-Old: Simple Communication
  • Chapter 9: Do It, or Else Nobody Will: Assuming Responsibility
  • Thank You
  • About the Author
  • Interviewees

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