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European Wireless 2019

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European Wireless 2019 (2019), VDE Verlag, Berlin, ISBN: 9783800749492

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  • European Wireless 2019
  • Imprint
  • Welcome
  • General
  • Organizing Committee
  • Technical Program Committee
  • Additional Reviewers
  • Content
  • Session 1: Network Coding
  • Tunable Expansion Packets for Fulcrum Codes
  • Hierarchical FEC and Modulation in Network-coded Two-way Relay Channel
  • Accelerated Processing for Maximum Distance Separable Codes Using Composite Extension Fields
  • Enhancing Opportunistic Routing for Dynamic Environments
  • A Multi-Threaded Approach to Encoding with Random Linear Network Coding
  • Session 2: Emerging Trends
  • Analysis of Blockchain Forking on an Ethereum Network
  • How to Measure the Average and Peak Age of Information in Real Networks?
  • FileTribe: Blockchain-based Secure File Sharing on IPFS
  • Towards a Better Understanding of Live Migration Performance with Docker Containers
  • An Algebraic Approach to Network Slicing
  • Session 3: IoT
  • Allocation of Repetition Redundancy in LoRa
  • Generalized Deduplication: Lossless Compression for Large Amounts of Small IoT Data
  • Minimizing Bandwidth Use in IoT Storage with Random Device Failures
  • Study of a Self-Powered UWB Sensor Network for Industrial Applications
  • Enabling Secure Multicast Group Communications in IP Wireless Networks for the Internet of Things
  • Session 4: Cellular Networks and 5G
  • Edge Computing Enabled Mobile Augmented Reality with Imperfect Channel Knowledge
  • System Level Analysis of K-Repetition for Uplink Grant-Free URLLC in 5G NR
  • Performance Analysis and Optimization of Cooperative Caching in Cellular Networks
  • Dynamic Uplink Resource Dimensioning for Massive MTC in 5G Networks Based on SCMA
  • Initial Concept of an Oracle-Structured Stream Compression Protocol for Arbitrary Network Flows
  • Session 5: Wireless Communications
  • Exploiting CSMA/ECA and Adaptive Sensitivity Control for Simultaneous Transmit and Receive in IEEE 802.11 WLANs
  • On the Different Mathematical Realizations for the Digital Synthesis of LoRa-Based Modulation
  • Quality-Aware Broadcasting Strategies for Position Estimation in VANETs
  • UWB Connectivity Inside a Space Launch Vehicle
  • Comparing DASH Adaptation Algorithms in a Real Network Environment
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