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Business Culture Design (englische Ausgabe)

Develop Your Corporate Culture with the Culture Map

Simon Sagmeister

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Simon Sagmeister, Business Culture Design (englische Ausgabe) (2018), Campus Frankfurt / New York, 60486 Frankfurt/Main, ISBN: 9783593438153

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Simon Sagmeister is the "culture guy". He is the founder of The Culture Institute in Zurich and a partner at Science House in New York. Fortune 500 corporations as well as midsized companies around the world place their trust in his Culture Map approach.

Beschreibung / Abstract

Although culture is what gives companies the ability to survive, it is often addressed only after problems have emerged. While it is true that corporate culture cannot be put into numbers, it can be visualized and modeled using the author's Culture Map. The values underlying all corporate cultures are represented in seven colors which combine to form individual patterns. The Culture Map can be used as a basis for successful change and innovation processes, mergers, and integrations. When managers and employees see where they are trying to go, it enables them to take the appropriate decisions and actions.

"This is the perfect (work-)book for those who want to know what makes their organization tick and who want to actively sculpt its success." Carina Kontio, Handelsblatt
"An extensive introduction to the topic of corporate culture with vivid case studies and graphics. Very attractive design and great visual transfer." acquisa


  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Culture: In the Thick of Things
  • Corporate culture in a nutshell
  • The Culture Map—a preview
  • Chapter 2: Organizations as Organisms
  • The secret of viability
  • The dynamic of organizational elements
  • Culture as a competitive advantage for humanity
  • Chapter 3: The Culture Map
  • Features of the Culture Map
  • The seven colors of the Culture Map
  • Hexagon perspectives
  • Chapter 4: Corporate Culture Management
  • The Culture Map Initiative
  • Business Culture Design in practice
  • Selective Business Culture Design
  • Acknowledgements
  • Notes
  • Index

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