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The Ocean Book

How Endangered are our Seas?

Esther Gonstalla

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Esther Gonstalla, The Ocean Book (2018), oekom verlag, München, ISBN: 9783962384654

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Beschreibung / Abstract

Rising sea levels, leaking oil rigs, growing garbage patches and overfishing: our oceans are in grave danger. To protect the ecosystem it is important to better understand the relationship between human actions and their effect on marine environments.

The Ocean Book provides a comprehensive picture of the threats posed on this mysterious and fascinating habitat, and makes correlations visible and easy to understand with the help of detailed infographics.


  • The Ocean Book – How endangered are our seas?
  • Content
  • Preface
  • Saving our Oceans
  • What should the future of our oceans look like?
  • Introduction
  • Humanity…
  • …and the sea
  • Climate change
  • How does the climate work?
  • Consequences of warming
  • Rising acidity
  • Ocean currents in turmoil
  • Rising sea level
  • Loss of biological diversity
  • Marine Biodiversity
  • Oxygen-poor dead zones
  • Growing marine reserves
  • Overfshing
  • Facts about the fshing industry
  • Industrial fshing methods
  • Traditional fshing
  • Why sharks are endangered
  • Sea turtles in danger
  • Aquaculture in numbers
  • Ocean-based industries
  • Energy from the ocean
  • Increase in offshore wind energy
  • Deep-sea mining
  • Oceanic transport routes
  • Pollution
  • How does the ocean become polluted?
  • Where do the toxic substances in the oceans come from?
  • Sources

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