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Envisioning Reconciliation

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Envisioning Reconciliation (04.06.2023), WBG, Darmstadt, ISBN: 9783534406913


  • Cover
  • Impressum
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgment
  • Part I Laying the Groundwork
  • Chapter One: A Personal Account
  • Chapter Two: Ethical Reflections on Political Reconciliation
  • Chapter Three: Mapping Reconciliation
  • Part II Living a Culture of Conflict
  • Chapter Four: Clashing Narratives
  • Chapter Five: Demonization, Dehumanization, and Delegitimization
  • Chapter Six: Monologue, Denial, and Boycott
  • Chapter Seven: Memories and Victimhood
  • Part III Exploring the Conditions of Reconciliation – Creating a Culture of Peace
  • Chapter Eight: Coexistence as the Lowest Level of Reconciliation
  • Chapter Nine: Education as Foundation for Reconciliation
  • Chapter Ten: Empathy, Apology, and Forgiveness
  • Chapter Eleven: Truth Telling Justice, and Trust
  • Chapter Twelve: Leadership and Reconciliation
  • Part IV Conclusions, Recommendations, and Visions for the future
  • Chapter Thirteen: Conclusions
  • Chapter Fourteen: Recommendations and Visions for the Future
  • Afterword: A Personal Note on Hope
  • Bibliography
  • Unbenannt

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