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Scientific Freedom under Attack

Political Oppression, Structural Challenges, and Intellectual Resistance in Modern and Contemporary History

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Asli Vatansever(Hg.), Ralf Roth(Hg.), Scientific Freedom under Attack (2020), Campus Frankfurt / New York, 60486 Frankfurt/Main, ISBN: 9783593445687

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Ralf Roth ist außerplanmäßiger Professor für Neuere Geschichte am Historischen Seminar der Universität Frankfurt am Main. Aslı Vatansever ist Arbeitssoziologin. Sie ist assoziierte Forscherin am Institut Re:Work der HU Berlin.

Descripción / Abstract

Das Thema Wissenschaftsfreiheit hat in den letzten Jahren wieder eine besondere Dringlichkeit erlangt. Nicht nur in autoritären, sondern auch in liberalen Staaten hat sich der Druck auf die Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft erhöht. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes nehmen die Arbeitsbedingungen von Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern und die Einschränkungen ihrer Freiheit in den letzten 250 Jahren aus globalgeschichtlicher Perspektive in den Blick.


  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction – Aslı Vatansever and Ralf Roth
  • I. The Contradictory Heritage at Europe’s Borders: From the Ottoman and Czarist Empires to Contemporary Turkey and Russia
  • Chapter 1: Philosophy in Russian Universities: Three Centuries of Restrictions – Tatiana Artemyeva
  • Chapter 2: Sources of Anti-Intellectualism in the Late Ottoman and Turkish Society – Aslı Vatansever
  • II. Scientific Production as a Contested Domain in the Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe
  • Chapter 3: Scientific Freedom during Stalinism: Creativity in the Sharashka – Viktoriya Sukovata
  • Chapter 4: Creating the Space of “Free” Science: The Emergence of the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok – Timofey Rakov
  • Chapter 5: Late Soviet Control of Historiography: The Case of Michael Gefter – Hans-Heinrich Nolte
  • Chapter 6: How the Polish Nation is “Arising from its Knees”. History as Instrument of Revolution – Dariusz Adamczyk
  • III. The Bitter Taste of Exile—Cases of Braindrain and Braingain during the Second World War and Beyond
  • Chapter 7: Flight and Expulsion: German Sociologists’ Forced Migration and its Impact on the Exchange of Knowledge and Technological Transfers in the Transatlantic World – Ralf Roth
  • Chapter 8: Academic Migration and “Rescue” Programs. Between Specific and Universal Programs – Pascale Laborier
  • IV. Limits of Academic Freedom in the “West”: Structural Constraints in the US and Academic Precarity in Europe
  • Chapter 9: For the Common Good: Society, Law and Institutional Power as Enablers and Constrainers of Academic Freedom in the United States – Thomas Clark
  • Chapter 10: Academic Labor in Italy: Politicizing Precarity – Giuseppe Acconcia
  • Chapter 11: Insiders and Outsiders? The Polarization of French Higher Education – Paolo Roberto Graziano
  • Chapter 12: Between Excellence and Precariousness: The Transformation of Academic Labor Relations in Germany – Aslı Vatansever
  • Table of Figures
  • Authors
  • Index

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