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Stress and Anxiety - Contributions of the STAR Award Winners

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Petra Buchwald(Hg.), Kathleen A. Moore(Hg.), Krzysztof Kaniasty(Hg.), Paulina Arenas-Landgrave(Hg.), Stress and Anxiety - Contributions of the STAR Award Winners (2019), Logos Verlag, Berlin, ISBN: 9783832588823

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Descripción / Abstract

This book celebrates the 40th anniversary of the STAR Society - the enduring legacy of our esteemed colleagues Charles Spielberger, Henk Van Der Ploeg, and Ralf Schwarzer who conceptualised the idea for a society focused on the measure of stress. Since that time, the focus has moved on from measurement alone, to include stress, coping and resilience: theory, research, and practice.

Exactly 20 years after its inception, we initiated the annual STAR Lifetime Career Award to members with a long and distinguished history of scientific contributions in the field of stress, anxiety and coping. Around the same time, the STAR Early Career Award was established to honour researchers achievements in the science of stress research within the first five years post their doctorate. Last, but not least STAR society gives a STAR Student Development Award to a student for the best paper on stress, anxiety and coping in theory, practice or research in the previous year. We invited all past award winners to contribute to this book which has yielded an exciting overview of the work of the individual researchers and their current research focus.
We thank those who have found the time to contribute to this book.


  • Part One – STAR Lifetime Career Award Recipients
  • 1 Threat and the rise of fear politics and tribalism (Stevan E. Hobfoll)
  • 2 Academic motivation and school achievement in a multi-cultural society (Moshe Zeidner & Reem Elemi)
  • 3 Job insecurity and stress in challenging economic times (Esther Greenglass, Lisa Fiksenbaum & Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou)
  • 4 Anxiety and cerebrovascular status in Hungarian population (Kornel Sipos & Michael Bodo)
  • 5 My STAR Journey: Then and Now (Erica Frydenberg)
  • 6 Social anxiety and alcohol use in remanded prisoners: A test of the self-medication hypothesis (Joel W. Godfredson & Kathleen A. Moore)
  • 7 A reflection on the resource “power” in stressful learning situations (Petra Buchwald)
  • 8 Mixed methods but not mixed results: Matching method to situation and question in occupational stress research (Barbara J. Kennedy & Linda M. Jones)
  • Part Two – STAR Early Career Award Recipients
  • 9 Posttraumatic growth in adults, children, and adolescents: Theoretical review (Eva Kallay)
  • 10 Episodic future thinking: early development and relation with anxiety and depression symptoms (Laura Visu-Petra & Alexandra M. Opriş)
  • 11 Cognitive (in)flexibility: potential risk factor for internalizing psychopathology across development? (Oana Mărcuș & Laura Visu-Petra)
  • 12 Effects of trait emotion regulation on stress responsivity (Siobhán M. Griffin & Siobhán Howard)
  • 13 Factors underlying the coach-athlete relationship: The importance of empathy as a trait in coaching (László Tóth & Melinda Reinhardt)
  • Part Three – STAR Student Development Awards Recipients
  • 14 Relations among self-efficacy, test anxiety, and academic performance: Theoretical and empirical considerations (Tobias Ringeisen & Christian Heckel)
  • 15 Parental socialization of coping: A review of the literature (Shira Goldberg)
  • 16 Stress, coping and resilience in adolescents: groups risk comparison (Paulina Arenas-Landgrave, Marisol Pérez-Ramos, Ana Inés Machado, Petra Buchwald & Emilia Lucio)
  • 17 The importance of emotional intelligence, emotion regulation, and mindfulness in psychological inflexibility: A clinical study (Ricardo João Teixeira, Tânia Brandão, Jorge Mota-Pereira & Anabela Pereira)

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