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Elektrik/Elektronik in Hybrid- und Elektrofahrzeugen und elektrisches Energiemanagement IX

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Elektrik/Elektronik in Hybrid- und Elektrofahrzeugen und elektrisches Energiemanagement IX (2019), expert verlag, Renningen, ISBN: 9783816984641

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  • Contents
  • Preface
  • Magnet-Free Electric Machines & Drives for Electric Vehicles
  • A study of semiconductor and sensors for vehicle electrification
  • High Power Charging – Consideration of the cost parametersof fast charging from vehicle to charging infrastructure
  • Funded Project for smart charging infrastructure for EVsup to 22kW
  • Thermosimulation für das High Power Charging (HPC) von Elektrofahrzeugen
  • Concept for a 48V / 12V Power Rail with Integrated Power Converter and ECUs
  • Enabling Technologies – die attach and substrate technologies for power electronics
  • Future Packaging Technologies in Power Electronic Modules
  • The Application of 48V LTO Battery in Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • Lifetime Analysis of Electronics and Power Electronic Components in Electric Vehicles
  • Voltage Ripple on Electric Vehicle System Test benches
  • Possibilities and Potentials of Active EMI Cancellation for the Volume Reduction of DC/DC Converters in Automobiles
  • Ring Structures in Automotive Power Nets Idea and Implementation
  • Intelligente Netzknoten als Baustein für fehlertolerante Energiebordnetze in automatisierten Fahrzeugen
  • Towards reliable power supply for highly automated driving
  • High Power Density Modular Six Phase Drive Inverter
  • Limits of SiC MOSFETs’ Parameter Deviations for Safe Parallel Operation
  • Prädiktives Leistungsmanagement für automatisierte Fahrzeuge
  • Optimierung der Zuverlässigkeit von Energiebordnetzarchitekturen hinsichtlich Kurzschlüssen
  • Model-Based Analysis of Transient Processes in Highly Available Automotive Energy Systems
  • Solid-state Safety Switch for Fault-tolerant Automotive Power Net Applications
  • Anwendungsmöglichkeiten von all-solid-state Zellen in Niedervolt-Autobatterien
  • The Authors

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