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Practicing Dance

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Jenny Coogan(Hg.), Practicing Dance (2016), Logos Verlag, Berlin, ISBN: 9783832592745

Descripción / Abstract

Within the framework of the research project InnoLernenTanz at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden, in this book Jenny Coogan -- professor of contemporary dance at the same institution -- offers a forum in which she and guest authors consider questions such as:

- How are the parameters crucial to the understanding of contemporary dance, such as personal agency, actually embodied?
- How does the German system of dance education foster such parameters?
- How can somatic approaches contribute to encouraging dancers to experience their education from a first-person perspective of authority with enhanced self-reliance, self-reflection, and social consciousness?

Practicing Dance: A Somatic Orientation includes accounts of field research, essays and interviews, as well as suggestions for studio practice that demonstrate the synergy between contemporary dance and the Feldenkrais Method. The range of perspectives offered invites critical reflection on methods to support young dance artists in embracing the twenty-first century challenges of professional performing careers.


  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1 Framing the Field of Study
  • 2 The Feldenkrais Method
  • 3 Somatic Approaches in Contemporary Dance Class: A Case Study Jenny Coogan
  • 4 Students’ Perceptions and Acceptance of Somatic Instructional Opportunities: An Analysis from a Psychological Perspective
  • 5 Kitchen-Table Talk: Students and Alumni in Discussion
  • 6 Attributes of Successful Teaching: New Findings from Research on Teaching and Learning
  • 7 Synaesthetic Seeing: Perspectives on the Body in Dance & Experiencing Difference: Practices of Attention and Repetition in Dance
  • 8 Reflections of Choreographers
  • 9 Applied Feldenkrais in Contemporary Dance Practice: Three Examples
  • 10 Statements of Program Directors
  • 11 A Look into the Future
  • Daring to Create Gaps
  • Closing Words
  • References
  • Contributors

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