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Arctic Archives

Ice, Memory and Entropy

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Susi K. Frank(Hg.), Kjetil A. Jakobsen(Hg.), Arctic Archives (2019), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839446560

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Descripción / Abstract

This pioneering volume explores the Arctic as an important and highly endangered archive of knowledge about natural as well as human history of the anthropocene.
Focusing on the Arctic as an archive means to investigate it not only as a place of human history and memory - of Arctic exploring, 'conquering' and colonizing -, but to take into account also the specific environmental conditions of the circumpolar region: ice and permafrost. These have allowed a huge natural archive to emerge, offering rich sources for natural scientists and historians alike.
Examining the debate on the notion of ('natural') archive, the cultural semantics and historicity of the meaning of concepts like 'warm', 'cold', 'freezing' and 'melting' as well as various works of literature, art and science on Arctic topics, this volume brings together literary scholars, historians of knowledge and philosophy, art historians, media theorists and archivologists.


Susi K. Frank is Professor of East Slavic literatures and cultures at Humboldt University Berlin. Her research fields are geopoetology; literature/art and (visual) memory; literature and literary politics in (post-)imperial contexts (Russia and Soviet Union).
Kjetil A. Jakobsen is Professor of history at Nord Universitet Bodo. From 2011 to 2014 he was Henrik Steffens professor at Humboldt University Berlin.


Besprochen in:
Zitty, 23 (2019), Claudia Wahjudi


  • Cover
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction: The Arctic as an Archive
  • On Similarities and Differences between Cultural and Natural Archives
  • Archival Metahistory and Inhuman Memory
  • The Melting Archive: The Arctic and the Archives’ Others
  • Landscapes as Archives of the Future?
  • Memory in the Anthropocene: Notes on Slow Archives and Melting Glaciers
  • A Fragment of Future History
  • The Absence of the Arctic
  • The Snowfield as an Archive of Soviet Underground Performance Art
  • Excerpts from Anna Schwartz’s Archive
  • Gender in the Twentieth-Century Polar Archive
  • An Arctic Archive for the AnthropoceneAnthropocene: The Svalbard Global Seed Vault
  • From Prague to Greenland: Ice Memories in Libuše Moníková’s Novel Treibeis (Drift Ice)
  • Myth of Preservation: Images of Ice, Snow and Glaciers as Metaphors for Memory in Post- Holocaust Literature and Art (Sebald, Celan, Bałka)
  • Investigating the Labоratory of Popular Arctic Narrative in Russian Literature from the 1930s to the 1950s
  • Archives of Knowledge and Endangered Objects in the Anthropocene: From Chernobyl to Polar Landscapes in the Work of Lina Selander and Amy Balkin
  • Natural Archives as Counter Archives: Gulag Literature from Witness to Postmemory
  • Contributors

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