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Electrical Engineering

Terms & Idioms / Fachliche Redewendungen / Englisch – Deutsch

Georg Möllerke

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Georg Möllerke, Electrical Engineering (2008), VDE Verlag, Berlin, ISBN: 9783800738878

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Descripción / Abstract

Dieses Spezialwörterbuch stellt eine Ergänzung des im selben Verlag erschienenen „Engineering Dictionary – Elektrotechnik & Maschinenbau" dar. Eine alphabetische Anordnung von Verben gibt deren wichtigste Bedeutungen in der Technik an, mit englischen Beispielen und deutscher Übersetzung. Mustersätze finden Sie für die verschiedenen Routinearbeiten, die ein Techniker zu bewältigen hat. Die Verben mit ihren verschiedenen Bedeutungen finden in vielen Situationen Anwendung. Originalartikel aus der englischsprachigen Fachpresse mit Erläuterungen in deutscher Sprache runden das Buch ab. Die sorgfältig ausgewählten Artikel umfassen Themen aus Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und angrenzende Gebiete.


„Elektrotechniker finden schnell und unkompliziert die wesentlichen Begriffe und Termini ihres Fachgebietes." (DIN-Mitteilungen 6/2008)

„Der handliche Band listet eine Vielzahl von Redewendungen, Mustersätzen und Originalartikeln aus der englischen Fachpresse aus den Bereichen Elektrotechnik und Maschinenbau auf." (de 7/2008)



  • Electrical Engineering
  • Vorwort
  • Electrical Engineering Terms & Idioms
  • Verbs (statistically) most frequently used in describing electronic circuits
  • Verbs most frequently used in describing electric circuits
  • Nouns frequently used in describing electronic circuits
  • Words used for voltage fluctuation
  • Nouns in connection with voltage
  • Locating a fault in a controller
  • Replacing bearing bushes
  • Starting an emergency generator set for a trial run
  • Meeting the customer at the office
  • Rating of electrical equipment
  • Measuring and applying voltage
  • Establishing an electrical engineering specification
  • At a meeting with the electronics section
  • Help required to perform a task
  • Attending works tests
  • Preliminary work on obtaining a major order
  • Discussing results of a load analysis
  • Comments on drawings submitted for approval
  • Failure and remedy of switchgear
  • Additional data on drawing required
  • Size, weight and dimensions of equipment
  • Mechanical treatment of a control console
  • Verbs used for mounting and inserting equipment
  • Verbs used for stripping and removing of equipment
  • Frequency of verbs used in a specification
  • Measures and dimensions as used in day-to-day work
  • ''Speaking about'' and ''writing on'' an engineering scheme
  • On the telephone
  • Translation exercises
  • Key to translations
  • Articles
  • Diesel-electric propulsion system for cruise vessel
  • End of the line
  • Such is accuracy
  • Keep an eye on the voltage level
  • Fuel-cell engine ready for the industry
  • IEEE recommendations for engineers
  • Examination for electrical engineers
  • Spelling it out
  • William Shockley, famous inventor
  • Silent witness
  • Silicon Valley unveil Tech museum
  • The electronic weatherman at home
  • History for yoo-hoo
  • A major engineering achievement: Pioneer 10
  • Such is psychology
  • Crank and go
  • Such is tradition
  • Great claim
  • Teaching English in Japan
  • Putting engineers in the picture
  • Increasing demand for electrical engineers
  • Solar power – competitive when far from electric grids
  • Just for kicks
  • Recharging dry battery cells
  • Report on U.S. burghers
  • Cyberspace will never be Nirwana
  • Lecturers take note
  • World of electronics
  • Moderate southerly winds
  • Mobile telephone, mainstay of the telecommunications revolution
  • Energy and Empire
  • English & Internet
  • Dressing down at U.S. companies
  • Introducing alternating current 1899
  • Wanted: Electrical Engineer
  • Pilot on the Outer Hebrides
  • Fantasia Mathematica
  • Surveillance systems at airports
  • Novel water-temperature control system
  • An exhibition called Enigma
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • The world's most advanced solar-powered plane
  • Dumbstruck
  • High-quality sound from a small radio
  • Fraunhofer Institute creates white LED light
  • Striking up a conversation
  • Producer power
  • Mobile telephone – as predicted 1969
  • Electrical Review 1889
  • Mistaken target
  • History on the waves of air
  • Captive train to Gatwick Airport
  • The secrets of Mars
  • Probability calculus
  • Services ahead of manufacturing
  • Demand for engineers will be continuing
  • Crank up the volume
  • World languages
  • A word to the wise
  • Writing the operator's guide
  • Cranking up the engine
  • U.S. exports to Japan
  • 20th-century futurology that flopped
  • Machine minds your language
  • Solar engergy – great business of the next century
  • A high-volume world takes a toll
  • Two Concorde Pilots
  • Fun at the cinema
  • Different types of schools
  • The Early British Radio Industry
  • Convention of the Titanic Historical Society
  • Mathematicians and the ''public''
  • From Morse Code to the Internet
  • Electricity industry on the track of lightning
  • The invention of the transistor and following digital revolution
  • Producing the licence
  • Hollywood's DVD movies
  • Alan Jones – an electrical engineer
  • An ambitious engineering objective
  • Episode 1 - Looking for a new job
  • Episode 2 - Introducing the new section leader
  • Episode 3 - One-line diagrams and basic information
  • Episode 4 - Meeting specification requirements
  • Episode 5 - Good prospects for a new product
  • Episode 6 - Overdue equipment delivery
  • Episode 7 - A big new order at last
  • Episode 8 - Employing alternative equipment
  • Technical developments and comments
  • Power plant of a special kind
  • Maintenance electricians in demand
  • Incentives for mathematicians
  • Taking a foreign flyer
  • Ford's uphill road
  • "Digital Commons"
  • Hosting the 2008 Olympics
  • Travelling by plane
  • Travelling by train in France
  • Alitalia flight to Dublin
  • Pleasurable pastime
  • Puritans and convicts
  • There are choices
  • The engineers' common language
  • American Wire Gage (AWG)
  • Phonetic alphabet – Buchstabiertabelle – Tableau d'épellation
  • Formulae – how to express in words
  • How to pronounce these tricky words

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