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Prayer in the City

The Making of Muslim Sacred Places and Urban Life

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Patrick A. Desplat(Hg.), Dorothea E. Schulz(Hg.), Prayer in the City (2014), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839419458

Descripción / Abstract

This volume envisions social practices surrounding mosques, shrines and public spaces in urban contexts as a window on the diverse ways in which Muslims in different regional and historical settings imagine, experience, and inhabit places and spaces as »sacred«. Unlike most studies on Muslim communities, this volume focuses on cultural, material and sensuous practices and urban everyday experience. Drawing on a range of analytical perspectives, the contributions examine spatial practices in Muslim societies from an interdisciplinary perspective, an approach which has been widely neglected both in Islamic studies and social sciences.


Patrick A. Desplat (Dr.) is lecturer at the Department of Social Anthropology in Cologne. He is interested in Muslim religious practices, migration, translocality, urban life and has been doing fieldwork in Ethiopia, Kenya and currently Madagascar.
Dorothea E. Schulz (PhD) is professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Cologne. Her research interests include Muslim religious practices and everyday life, gender, media and public culture in Mali and Uganda.


»Das Buch ist in vielen Abschnitten vor allem für diejenigen Stadtplaner und Architekten von Interesse, die sich für das Zusammenspiel von Religion und Stadt(gesellschaft) interessieren und sich auch auf neue und ungewohnte
Eindrücke und Zugänge einlassen möchten.«
Tobias Meier,, 20.07.2012

Reviewed in:

Oriente Moderno, 94 (2014), Roberto Tottoli


  • Cover Prayer in the City
  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction. Representations of Space, Place-making and Urban Life in Muslim Societies
  • Protecting and Selling the Mosque. Secular Salesmen’s Pride and Fears in Tunis
  • Ahmad al-Tijani and his Neighbors. The Inhabitants of Fez and their Perceptions of the Zawiya
  • Zawiya, Zikr and the Authority of Shaykh ‘Al-Pepsi’. The Social in Sacred Place-making in Omdurman, Sudan
  • A Complete Life. The World of Mawlids in Egypt. Photo Essay
  • The Case of the Jaipur Jami Mosque. Prayer and Politics Disruptive
  • Arenas of Contest? Public Islamic Festivals in Interwar Dar es Salaam
  • Competing Spaces, Contested Places. Muslim Struggles for Place, Space, and Recognition at a German University
  • Confronting the Legacy of Antiquity. Pharaonism, Islam, and Archaeology – A Retrospective on Local Islam and Modernity
  • Building Community. Configuring Authority and Identity on the Public Squares of Contemporary Senegalese Sufi Centers
  • A Fractured Soundscape of the Divine. Female ‘Preachers’, Radio Sermons and Religious Place-making in Urban Mali
  • A Shrine Gone Urban. The Shrine of Data Ganj Bukhsh, Lahore, as a City within the City
  • Sufi Spaces in Urban Bangladesh. Gender and Modernity in Contemporary Shrine Culture
  • Contributors

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