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Transnationalisierung, Transnationalität und der Vergleich von Schulkulturen

Merle Hummrich

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Merle Hummrich, Merle Hummrich(Hg.), Nicolle Pfaff(Hg.), Transnationalisierung, Transnationalität und der Vergleich von Schulkulturen (2019), Waxmann Verlag, 48159 Münster, ISSN: 0947-9732, 2018 #2, p.171

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Description / Abstract

Transnational migration processes challenge schools because of their national-cultural tradition. How school cultures face those challenges within different educational political framings is analyzed in this article. Thus, symbolic orders of educational interactions in German and US ninth grade classes are emphasized and connected with the embedding institutional and political framings. The data comes from the comparative project EDUSPACE, which follows a qualitative multilevel design. With regards to the question of transnational challenges it shows different patterns of schools’ positioning within the possibility spaces of political framings. Because of the national-cultural tradition of schooling, contradictions of integrating transnational conditions can be shown. In this context, the question evolves in how far the examination of school cultures within different countries can fulfil the claim of balancing national framings and transnational

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