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International Conference on Calibration Methods and Automotive Data Analytics

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International Conference on Calibration Methods and Automotive Data Analytics (2019), expert verlag, Renningen, ISBN: 9783816984634

Table of content

  • Preface
  • Contents
  • 1 Data Analysis I
  • 1.1 Segmentation of Multivariate Time Series with Convolutional Neural Networks
  • 1.2 Time Series Comparison with Dynamic Time Warping, Convolutional Neural Network and Regression
  • 1.3 Time-Delay Estimation for Automotive Applications
  • 2 MBC I
  • 2.1 Automated Calibration Using Numerical Optimization with Dynamic Engine Simulation Model
  • 2.2 A new Methodology for Transferring Modelling Results between Engines in Terms of Model-Based Calibration in Large Bore Engine Development
  • 2.3 Virtual Calibration to Improve the Design of a Low Emissions Gasoline Engine
  • 3 MBC II
  • 3.1 Modification of Pacejka’s Tyre Model in the High Slip Range for Model-Based Driveability Calibration
  • 3.2 Bayesian Optimization and Automatic Controller Tuning
  • 3.3 Engine Calibration Using Global Optimization Methods
  • 4 Methods
  • 4.1 Finding Root Causes in Complex Systems
  • 4.2 A Probabilistic Approachfor Synthesized Driving Cycles
  • 4.3 Probabilistic Forecasting with Generative Adversarial Networks – ForGAN
  • 5 RDE
  • 5.1 Virtual Real Driving Environment and Emissions: A Road Towards XiL Based Digitalization of Powertrain Calibration
  • 5.2 Digital Transformation of RDE Calibration Environments: The Quest for Networked Virtual ECUs and Agile Processes
  • 5.3 A new, Model-Based Tool to Evaluate RDE Compliance during the Early Stage of Development
  • 6 MBC III
  • 6.1 Optimizing Gaseous and Particle Emissions of a GDI Engine by Coupling a Dynamic Data Based Engine Model with ECU Injection Structures
  • 6.2 Risk Averse Real Driving Emissions Calibration under Uncertainties
  • 6.3 A Versatile Approach for Transient Manoeuvre Optimization Using DoE Methods
  • 7 Automated Calibration II
  • 7.1 AMU-Based Functions on Engine ECUs
  • 7.2 Efficient Calibration of Transient ECU Functions through System Optimization
  • 7.3 Dynamic Safe Active Learning for Calibration
  • 8 Data Analysis II
  • 8.1 Applications of High Performance Computing for the Calibration of Powertrain-Controls
  • 8.2 Efficient Automotive Development – Powered by BigData Technology
  • The Authors

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