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Education in a Globalized World

Teaching Right Livelihood

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Ellen Christoforatou(Hg.), Education in a Globalized World (2016), Verlag Barbara Budrich, 51379 Leverkusen, ISBN: 9783847414391

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Description / Abstract

How is it possible to sustainably implement the ideas of the Right Livelihood Award – also known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize” – in educational and teaching methods of learning as part of future-oriented teacher training? This book addresses this issue in the form of a combination of articles from both an academic and school-related point of view. Education researchers, subject educationalists, expert scientists and teacher trainers present exemplary formats with which prospective teachers can be qualified for the wide-ranging requirements imposed on them as part of globalization and internationalization. In the formats, the contents of Right Livelihood – especially questions concerning ecology, social justice and peace – are addressed in a manner that is age-appropriate and related to experience. Moreover they are dealt with in an interdisciplinary context. The objective is to jointly incorporate the subject of Global Learning as Part of Education for Sustainable Development in the teacher education course and to realize it directly at the chalk face.


Dr. Ellen Christoforatou is the manager of the Teacher Training Center at the University of Kassel. Her duties include coordinating the organisation of the contents of teacher training and the conceptual and organizational development of interdisciplinary cooperation projects. Since 2012, she has been coordinating theTeaching Right Livelihood working group, in which education researchers and subject educationalists from the various faculties at the University of Kassel jointly work out curricular and university concepts to implement the subject of global development as part of training for sustainable development during teacher training.

Table of content

  • Cover
  • Education in a Globalized World. Teaching Right Livelihood
  • Contents
  • Foreword
  • Part I - Theoretical Background
  • Educating in a Globalized World – Challenges for Teachers and Teacher Educators. An Introduction into the Concept of Teaching Right Livelihood (ELLEN CHRISTOFORATOU)
  • Promoting Right Livelihood: Ideas, Work and Vision of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation (MONIKA GRIEFAHN)
  • Sustainable Development – the Core Task of the 21st Century (ERNST ULRICH VON WEIZSÄCKER)
  • Education for Sustainable Development after 2014: Results, Perspectives and Visions (GERD MICHELSEN)
  • Education for Sustainable Development and Global Learning – References to Teaching Right Livelihood (BERND OVERWIEN)
  • Destruction in the Name of Development – Stopping the Silent Genocide (ARAM ZIAI)
  • Human Rights in Afghanistan (CLAUDIA LOHRENSCHEIT)
  • Solar Energy (RITA WODZINSKIS)
  • “Everything Can Be Changed…” The Life Stories of Raúl Montenegro, Sima Samar and Dipal Barua. A Dialogical Introduction
  • Part II - Teaching Concepts
  • Self-Directed Learning – Right Livelihood Award Projects as a Challenge for Student Teachers and Upper Secondary School Students (DORIT BOSSE)
  • Education is Exchange! Raúl Montenegro, Biodiversity and the Soybean (BERND OVERWIEN & CLAUDIA WULFF)
  • Teaching Right Livelihood in Practice: Working on Sima Samar’s Lifetime Achievement in Politics & Economics Classes (NICOLAS DEUTSCHER, KLAUS MOEGLING, JUDITH SCHÄFER & KIRSTIN SCHNEIDER)
  • Sima Samar – an Example of Human Rights Education in Primary School (FRIEDERIKE HEINZEL, CHRISTINE GEBHARD & KRISTIN LÖWENBERGER)
  • Grameen Shakti as a Starting Point for Science Teaching (RITA WODZINSKI & DAVID-SAMUEL DI FUCCIA)
  • Grameen Shakti “Those Who Enhance the World” – What Right Livelihood Has To Do with General Studies and Education for Sustainable Development (FRAUKE GRITTNER, VERENA MEYWIRTH & MATTHIAS SCHÄFER)
  • Students Contributing to the Teaching Right Livelihood Project. Perspectives for Degree Theses (MARLEN BÜDDEFELD)
  • Index of Authors
  • U4

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