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25 Years Berlin Republic

Reflections on / of German Unification (1990-2015)

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Tanja Nusser(Hg.), Todd Herzog(Hg.), Anna Senuysal(Hg.), 25 Years Berlin Republic (2019), Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 33098 Paderborn, ISBN: 9783846761939

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Description / Abstract

25 Years Berlin Republic takes stock of the state of German unification a quarter of a century into the ongoing project that is the Berlin Republic. Thirteen scholars, artists, and public figures from diverse backgrounds document the changing hopes and fears, successes and challenges, that face the republic as it negotiates its way through the 21st century. Taking up a broad assessment of German culture ranging from sports to religion, painting to map-making, film to foreign policy, these studies combine personal experiences with critical analysis in order to understand the Berlin Republic today. The resulting portrait reveals a complex, diverse, and constantly-developing Republic that continues to ask the same essential question that has been at the center of discussions since the dramatic events that gave birth to the Republic: “Sind wir ein Volk?”

Table of content

  • Cover
  • Titel
  • Impressum
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Institutional Culture
  • Timothy J. White: German Unification and Shifts in Foreign Policy
  • Hartmut von Sass: Short-lived Illusions: The East-German Churches and Two Forms of Secularization
  • Dieter Fratzke: Die Umgestaltung der Arbeit des ostdeutschen Lessing-Museums nach der Wiedervereinigung: Ein Erfahrungsbericht
  • Pamela Heß: Unified Germany? A Generational Perspective
  • Media Culture
  • Paul Michael Lützeler: Peter Schneider’s Never-Ending Reflections on the »Mauer«-Metaphor
  • Richard E. Schade: Workers Revolt and Germany’s Unification: Günter Grass reads Die Plebejer proben den Aufstand in 1990
  • Walter Erhart: Academic Ghosts – The Afterlife of East German Intellectuals
  • Tanja Nusser: Precarious (Labor)-Relations in Contemporary German Cinema: Robert Thalheim’s Netto (2005) and Christian Petzold’s Yella (2007)
  • Vanessa D. Plumly: Heimat Transgressions, Transgressing Heimat. Black German Diasporic (Per)Formative Acts in the Decolonization of White German Heimat Landscapes
  • Christine Leuenberger: Mapping Divided Cities and their Separation Walls. Case Studies from Berlin and Jerusalem
  • Kedron Barrett: Painting Berlin. Memory Culture Before and After Unification
  • Evan Torner: The Socialist Dionysian and Reunification: Letztes aus der DaDaeR (1990), Der Strass (1990), and Das Land hinter dem Regenbogen (1992)
  • Joakim Glaser: Ostfußball and Fan Culture in Unified Germany
  • Biographies

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