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Situated in Translations

Cultural Communities and Media Practices

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Michaela Ott(Hg.), Thomas Weber(Hg.), Situated in Translations (2019), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839443439

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Description / Abstract

Cultural communities are shaped and produced by ongoing processes of translation understood as aesthetic media practices - such is the premise of this volume. Taking on perspectives from cultural, literary and media studies as well as postcolonial theory, the chapters shed light on composite cultural and heterotypical translation processes across various media, such as texts, films, graphic novels, theater and dance performances. Thus, the authors explore the cultural contexts of diverse media milieus in order to explain how cultural communities come into being.


Michaela Ott teaches philosophy and aesthetic theories at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Her main research interests are aesthetics of film, poststructuralist philosophy, theories of space, affections and dividuations and (post-)colonial topics.
Thomas Weber is professor for media studies at Hamburg University. His main research is on documentary films, media theories, and European cinema.

Table of content

  • Cover
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Portrait of the Philosopher as a Translator
  • Reassessing the Situation of the Text in the Algorithmic Age
  • Fragile Translations
  • Chameleons (graphic short story)
  • Framing and Translation in Birgit Weyhe’s Madgermanes
  • Translation as Entanglement
  • Sensory Impressions as Imaginations of the Real
  • Situated Between Cultures
  • Diasporic Culture and Colonialism
  • And so you see …
  • Unbelievable Treasures
  • Biographies

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