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Die Wittenbrinkabende

Musikalisches Theater zwischen Pop und Postdramatik

Barbara Hornberger

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Barbara Hornberger, Michael Fischer(Hg.), Wolfgang Jansen(Hg.), Tobias Widmaier(Hg.), Die Wittenbrinkabende (2013), Waxmann Verlag, 48159 Münster, ISSN: 1619-0548, 2013 #1, p.173

Description / Abstract

In the 1990s a special form of musical theatre found its place in German theatres, a form that makes audiences cheer and administrative directors, who are always low on funds, rejoice: Ever since Sekretärinnen Franz Wittenkind’s evenings of songs have been a staple on German stages. But what exactly is a Wittenbrink evening of songs? This contribution analyses the journalistic discourse regarding this form and uses two exemplary scenes to examine the specific narrative technique how various songs are put together to form a narrative that creates characters, situations and even plot. Doing this, the article meets the dearth of research into this highly successful form and sets out to find its genre affiliation. The Wittenbrink evening of songs is characterised as a hybrid form in the contemporary (musical) theatre landscape. Linking it to theories of popular culture, a contribution is also made to integrating mainstream entertainment into the discourse of theatre studies.

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