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»Je veux devenir ton étrangère …«

Berlin Style mit französischer Note bei den 17 Hippies

Matthias Schillmöller

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Matthias Schillmöller, Michael Fischer(Hg.), Fernand Hörner(Hg.), »Je veux devenir ton étrangère …« (2013), Waxmann Verlag, 48159 Münster, ISSN: 1619-0548, 2012 #1, p.347

Description / Abstract

Playing music with and in France always ran like a thread through the history of the Berlin Band 17 Hippies. Their style, a kind of world music with a Berlin touch, gained them many followers in France and as part of the Nouvelle Chanson Française also something like an artistic niche. This article shows the impressions of France and the cultural transfer perfomances of the group based on interviews and analyses of chansons and will show that the contact with France especially has an impact on the francophile singer and songwriter Kristin Sauer, who is therefore encouraged to immediacy, spontaneity and naturalness when she composes or sings. The French poetry and the current French chanson inspire her to a dark play of words and fractures between music and songtext with a direct expression of emotions.

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