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The Failed Individual

Amid Exclusion, Resistance, and the Pleasure of Non-Conformity

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Katharina Motyl(Hg.), Regina Schober(Hg.), The Failed Individual (2017), Campus Frankfurt / New York, 60486 Frankfurt/Main, ISBN: 9783593437163

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Katharina Motyl, Dr. phil., ist wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin an der Universität Tübingen.
Regina Schober, Dr. phil., ist Akademische Rätin an der Universität Mannheim.

Description / Abstract

Scheitern ist in Mode: Immer offener wird in den USA über den Konkurs der eigenen Firma und (überwundene) Lebenskrisen gesprochen. Auch in der Wissenschaft hat das Thema Konjunktur. Dieser Band untersucht das individuelle Scheitern interdisziplinär. Was verstehen wir unter einem "gescheiterten Individuum ", welche sozioökonomischen und technologischen Faktoren tragen dazu bei? Wie wird das Scheitern kulturell verhandelt, und inwiefern kann man es als Widerstand gegen gesellschaftliche Normen umdeuten?

Table of content

  • Contents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: The Failed Individual – Susanne Hamscha, Katharina Motyl, and Regina Schober
  • I. Theoretical Perspectives on Failure
  • Sometimes You Just Fail: Protest and the Policing of Bad Feeling – Christopher Taylor
  • The Primordial Failure: A Cultural-Philosophical Analysis – Bina Nir
  • Failure in Economics: A Black-Box – Hannes Lang and Eva Lang
  • II. Determinants of Failure: Structures, Normativity, and Power
  • Destined to Fail: Cosmetic Surgery, Female Body Images, and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birth-mark” – Johannes Fehrle
  • Disability Aesthetics and Vandalism in American Visual Culture – Susanne Hamscha
  • Wohnkultur and Zombification: Trying to Unfail the Homeless Individual – Wibke Schniedermann
  • Failed by the Criminal Justice System: The Hyperincarceration of the Black Urban Poor in the “War on Drugs” – Katharina Motyl
  • III. Failure as Resistance/Failure as Pleasure
  • “Hanging on”: Mohawk Sovereignty and the Art of Failure – Astrid M. Fellner
  • The Addict’s Ethics of Failure: Resistance to Ambition in the Photographic Work of Larry Clark – Florian Zappe
  • “Here is the trash heap, nothing there except a muted wailing”: Dithering in Negativity and the Failure to Move On – Marius Henderson
  • Failure as an Ethical Choice: Academic Resistance against Authoritarian Academic Systems – Mahmoud Arghavan
  • IV. Failure in American Literary History
  • Surviving on Wrecked Ships: The Failing Individual in Edgar Allan Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket (1838) – Dietmar Meinel
  • Naturalism and the Aesthetics of Failure – James Dorson
  • Productively Failing to Accelerate: Mary Borden’s Alternative Vision of Existing Successfully in Modern America – Svenja Fehlhaber
  • The Failed Individual and the Biopolitics of Climate Catastrophe in Edan Lepucki’s California (2014) – Susanne Leikam
  • V. Failure and the Digital Subject
  • Narcissus Confirmed: Technologies of the Minimal Selfie – Geert Lovink
  • Failing by Design: Self-Tracking and the Failed Individual – James Dyer
  • Failure Blogs and the Confessional Self – Regina Schober
  • Contributors

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