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ERIS – European Review of International Studies 3/2014

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AJR Groom(Hg.), Christian Lequesne(Hg.), ERIS – European Review of International Studies 3/2014 (24.11.2020), Verlag Barbara Budrich, 51379 Leverkusen, ISSN: 2196-6923, 2014 #3,

Description / Abstract

The European Review of International Studies (ERIS) seeks to be a journal to which those who wish to know what is happening in ‘European’ International Relations can turn. It aims to achieve this goal by an extensive review section of monographs published in European languages and review articles of the literature on substantive themes or significant developments in different European academic communities. Its other principal goal is to publish original articles and from time to time translations of existing major articles not readily available in English.

Table of content

  • Content
  • Féron/Rosoux: Introduction: Far Away and yet so close Former Colonial Powers and The Management of Political Crises in their Former Colonies
  • Rosoux: The Two Faces of Belgium in the Congo: Perpetrator and Rescuer
  • Cravo/Freire: Portugal and East Timor: Managing Distance and Proximity in Post-Colonial Relations
  • Banégas: France’s Intervention Policy in Africa Seen from Below: Some Thoughts on the Case of Côte d’Ivoire
  • Bucaille: The Algerian Civil War, Reminiscences of the Colonial Enemy
  • Féron: Prisoners of History? British-Irish Relations and the Conflict in Northern Ireland
  • Spetschinsky/Bolgova: Post-Soviet or Post-Colonial? The relations between Russia and Georgia after 1991
  • Chan: The Limits of Guilt and Correctness: The Postcolonial Metropole and Postcolonial Literature
  • Contributors
  • Book Reviews

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