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Theorizing Emotions

Sociological Explorations and Applications

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Helmut Kuzmics(Hg.), Helena Flam(Hg.), Jochen Kleres(Hg.), Debra Hopkins(Hg.), Theorizing Emotions (2009), Campus Frankfurt / New York, 60486 Frankfurt/Main, ISBN: 9783593407425

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Debra Hopkins forscht an der Universität Aberdeen. Helena Flam ist Professorin für Soziologie an der Universität Leipzig, wo Jochen Kleres derzeit promoviert. Helmut Kuzmics ist Professor für Soziologie in Graz.

Description / Abstract

Theorizing Emotions reflects the recent turn to emotions in academia—not just in sociology but also in psychology, evolutionary biology, and neuroscience. Drawing on the classic studies of Max Weber, Erving Goffman, Norbert Elias, and Theodor Adorno, several leading European scholars present their findings on the role of emotions in various facets of society, from the laboratory to the office to the media. Among the topics discussed are the tensions between feelings and feeling rules, the conscious and unconscious emotions of scientists, emotions and social disorder, the effect of the emotional turn as an element of advancing modernity, romantic love in U.S. and Israeli codes of conduct, and the role of mass media in generating massive public emotions.

Emotionen sind das Thema der Stunde. Aktuelle soziologische Ansätze zielen auf ein neues Verständnis der Klassiker sowie auf das theoretisch fundierte Studium von Emotionen in Organisationen, der Wirtschaft, den Medien oder Sozialen Bewegungen. Die Beiträge korrigieren den Rationalismus der soziologischen Theoriebildung und belegen die Bedeutung von Gefühlen innerhalb der Gesellschaft.

Table of content

  • Contents
  • Preface: Notes on the Sociology of Emotions in Europe – Jochen Kleres
  • Introduction: An Emotions Lens on the World – Arlie Russell Hochschild
  • Consciousness, Emotions, and Science – Jack Barbalet
  • Extreme Feelings and Feelings at Extremes – Helena Flam
  • Sociology as Narrative: Examples of Sociological Language in “Classic” Texts – Helmut Kuzmics
  • Hearts or Wombs? A Cultural Critique of Radical Feminist Critiques of Love – Eva Illouz and Eitan Wilf
  • Mediatizing Traumas in the Risk Society: A Sociology of Emotions Approach – Nicolas Demertzis
  • The Civilizing of Emotions: Formalization and Informalization – Cas Wouters
  • What Makes Us Modern(s)? The Place of Emotions in Contemporary Society – Patrick Becker
  • Shame and Conformity: The Deference-Emotions System – Thomas J. Scheff
  • A “Neurosociology” of Emotion? Progress, Problems and Prospects – Simon J. Williams
  • Refugee Solidarity: Between National Shame and Global Outrage – James Goodman
  • Just Being There: Buddies and the Emotionality of Volunteerism – Jochen Kleres
  • Mediated Parasocial Emotions and Community: How Media May Strengthen or Weaken Social Communities – Katrin Döveling
  • Notes on Contributors

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