Children’s Rights and Education – the case of Scotland

Andrea Priestley

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Andrea Priestley, Children’s Rights and Education – the case of Scotland (22.06.2024), Beltz Juventa, 69469 Weinheim, ISSN: 0943-8394, 2023 #1, S.49


Beschreibung / Abstract

Scotland is an interesting case regarding the incorporation of children’s rights. Scotland has recently moved beyond ratification towards direct incorporation of the CRC into Scots law. This paper presents a critical summary of some of the key issues which may be of interest to educationists facing similar challenges in other countries. The paper gives a brief overview of Children’s Rights, before considering some issues relating to translations of rights-based policy texts into practices. The recognition of translations provides a space to discuss current Scottish education policy and the possibilities and challenges adopting rights-based approaches afford to education. The paper illustrates that whilst the direct incorporation of the CRC offers potential, it is the manner of ist translations from policy text into the social, cultural and material practices that make up the everyday which will ensure its penetration into children and young people’s education.

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