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Exploring Fictional Truth

Christian Folde

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Christian Folde, Exploring Fictional Truth (2021), Vittorio Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main, ISBN: 9783465145622

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Beschreibung / Abstract

There are ghosts. At least, in "Hamlet" there are. This is an example of a fictional truth, of something true in a fiction. Or so it seems. For, once we broaden our view to all kinds and realms of fiction our ordinary notions are challenged, and intriguing philosophical questions arise. Are there really any fictional truths? How can they be determined? Is everything just interpretation? Can anything be fictional? Could you be part of a fiction? Et cetera.
The philosophical literature on fiction typically focusses on the semantics of fictional discourse and the ontology of fictional objects. In contrast, this study explores the nature of fictional truth by analyzing its conceptual structure and by unfolding some of its most important conceptual connections. After reviewing the field and identifying core elements that any theory of fictional truth must accommodate Christian Folde investigates several interrelated issues central to the on-going debates. Building on a clear account of fictional content and a wealth of examples the author offers novel solutions to various problems at the intersection of fictional truth, interpretation, and narration. The book thereby makes contributions to aesthetics, metaphysics and literary theory, among other things, and is thus both of philosophical and interdisciplinary value.


  • Front Cover
  • Impressum
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgements
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • 0.1. What I Do and Why It Matters
  • 0.2. Fundamentals
  • 0.3. Dissecting Fictional Content
  • 0.4. Interpretation and Narration
  • 0.5. Main Results and Methodology
  • Chapter 1: Against Nihilism about Fictional Truth
  • 1.1. Introduction
  • 1.2. Preliminaries
  • 1.3. The Road to Nihilism
  • 1.4. Rejecting Nihilism
  • 1.5. Conclusion
  • Chapter 2: Poetic License, Genre, and the Fictionality Puzzle
  • 2.1. Introduction
  • 2.2. Preliminaries and Puzzle Cases
  • 2.3. Some Solutions and their Shortcomings
  • 2.4. The Genre Strategy
  • 2.5. Conclusion
  • Chapter 3: Grounding Interpretation
  • 3.1. Introduction
  • 3.2. Truth in Fiction
  • 3.3. Interpretation
  • 3.4. Interdependencies
  • 3.5. Conclusion
  • Chapter 4: Interpretation and the Hypothetico-Deductive Method: A Dilemma
  • 4.1. Introduction
  • 4.2. HD-method and Interpretation
  • 4.3. Two Case Studies
  • 4.4. Objections and a Dilemma
  • 4.5. Conclusion
  • Chapter 5: Non-Fictional Narrators in Fictional Narratives
  • 5.1. Non-Fictional Objects in Fiction
  • 5.2. Non-Fictional Narrators in Fiction
  • 5.3. Conclusion
  • References

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