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GMM-Fb. 98: ACTUATOR 2021

International Conference and Exhibition on New Actuator Systems and Applications GMM Conference, February 17-19, 2021, Online Event

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VDE/VDI GMM(Hg.), GMM-Fb. 98: ACTUATOR 2021 (2021), VDE Verlag, Berlin, ISBN: 9783800754564

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Beschreibung / Abstract

Attracting about 400 participants from more than 20 countries, the 17th International Conference on New Actuator Systems and Applications is the most important market place to meet leading international specialists, to share their expertise and to start business cooperations in the field of new actuator technologies. ACTUATOR has been the key forum for actuators based on smart materials and micro technologies as well as their applications in all areas of engineering for thirty years now. Over the years a huge variety of excellent ideas and results has been reported. A lot of them have been raised from vision to mass product. Among the success stories you will find quite a number of established applications of new actuators, in particular their well-known use in fuel injection, adaptive shock absorbers, nanopositioning, precision engineering like camera lenses and other applications of miniaturized drives. In this way, ACTUATOR has launched the realization of new product generations with outstanding compactness and high performance properties which so far have not been achieved in conventional technologies. A small wonder that based on this ignition, resulting in gaining access to new markets.


  • GMM-Fachbericht 98: ACTUATOR 2021
  • Sponsors
  • Title page
  • Imprint
  • Preface
  • Program Committee
  • Content
  • Review Talks
  • RT.I.1 Advances in Magnetorheological Actuators
  • RT.II.1 High-Power Piezoelectric Characterization System (HiPoCS)
  • RT.III.1 Energy-efficient Actuation Concepts for SMAs
  • RT.III.2 Electromagnetic Actuators
  • Track 1
  • A1: Piezoelectric Actuators (1)
  • A2: Piezoelectric Actuators (2)
  • A3: Piezoelectric Actuators (3)
  • A4: Piezoelectric Actuators (4)
  • A5: Medical Devices (1)
  • A6: Medical Devices (2) / Haptic Devices
  • Track 2
  • B1: Shape Memory Actuators (1)
  • B2: Shape Memory Actuators (2)
  • B3: Shape Memory Actuators (3)
  • B4: Shape Memory Actuators (4) / MSM
  • B5: Magnetic Shape Memory Actuators
  • B6: Emerging Actuator Principles
  • Track 3
  • C1: Magnetostrictive Devices
  • C2: Advanced Microactuators
  • C3: Actuator Control and Electronics
  • C4: Electromagnetic Actuators
  • C5: Polymer-based Actuators
  • C6: Special Solutions
  • Track 4
  • D1: Dielectric Elastomer Actuators
  • D3: ER/MR Fluids
  • D4: Aerospace
  • D5: Applications
  • D6: DFG Priority Program KOMMMA
  • GMM-Fachberichte – Overview
  • Your opinion matters!

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