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ISR 2020

52th International Symposium on Robotics in conjunction with: automatica December 9 – 10, 2020, Online-Event

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VDE ITG(Hg.), ISR 2020 (2020), VDE Verlag, Berlin, ISBN: 9783800754298

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Beschreibung / Abstract

Robotics in the dawning era of digitalization and artificial intelligence! After two years, the 52nd International Symposium on Robotics – ISR 2020 will be held online from December 09–10, 2020.

In two conference tracks and a poster session over two days, the ISR 2020 will offer an insight into the latest state-of-the-art robot technologies to participants from both industry and research. Sessions will be held on relevant topics such as Modeling, Planning and Control, as well as Components and Technologies. Developments from the area of Robotics in Production and Industrial Robots will also be addressed, as well as Service and Mobile Robotics. Additionally, we are planning sessions on Robotics in New Markets & Applications, as well as Human-robot-collaboration / Future of Work. And additional Business Track will offer guest speakers from the industry the opportunity to present their current products and developments. The special session for the IERA Award finalists will round off the conference program.

This international conference is jointly organized by the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) and the Information Technology Society (ITG) within VDE. The ISR 2020 was originally organized as customary parallel to the automatica, the leading exhibition for smart automation and robotics. Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, the trade show has been cancelled in 2020. Messe München is now working with exhibitors to develop a new in-person event with digital elements, adapted to the circumstances in times of the coronavirus. The new event has been conceived as a compact 'exhibition before the exhibition' for early summer 2021 and is to become an add-on to automatica. Detailed information on this will follow shortly.


  • ISR 2020
  • Sponsors
  • Welcome
  • Committees
  • Technical Program Committee
  • Programm
  • Poster Session
  • Industrial Robots
  • Mobile Robotics
  • Poster Session
  • Components and Technologies
  • Control
  • Future of Work
  • Poster Session
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Robot Programming
  • Simulation and Workspace Planning
  • AI in Robotics - Methods
  • Poster Session
  • AI in Robotics - Applications
  • Robotics in Production
  • Quasi-static loaded circular testing of serial articulated industrial manipulators
  • Supervised Autonomous Interaction in Unknown Territories - Concept for Industrial Applications in the near Future
  • Evaluation of path planning strategies in automated honeycomb potting
  • Operation and experimental evaluation of a 12-axis robot-based setup used for 3D-printing
  • Traveling Drinksman - A Mobile Service Robot for People in Care-Homes
  • Robust and Precise Localization of Mobile Robots using EFIR Estimation for Fusing Odometry with Position Measurements
  • Dynamic Obstacle Layer: A new concept to avoid moving obstacles in local path planning using ROS
  • Robot programming system for human-robot cooperation and collaboration
  • Multi-modal Visual Withdrawal Detection for Inventory Management on a Robotic Care Cart
  • Design of Compact Omnidirectional Wheel Modules with Internal Differential Kinematics
  • The multi-segment controller of a flexible arm
  • Automatic Synthesis of a Saturating State Space Controller Based on Convex Optimization for Industrial Robots
  • High Fidelity Real-Time Hybrid Substructure Testing Using Iterative Learning Control
  • Genetic Approach for Coupled Dynamics Optimization in a Multiple %0ADegree-of-Freedom System
  • Evaluating the Robustness of HJB Optimal Feedback Control
  • PowerGrasp - Design and Evaluation of a Modular Soft-Robotic Arm Exosuit for Industrial Applications
  • Dual arm robot control by hands gestures using ROS
  • Finger Pointer Based Human Machine Interaction for Selected Quality Checks of Industrial Work Pieces
  • A Cooperative HCI Assembly Station with Dynamic Projections
  • Can knowledge-based offline-programming compensate for the lack of welding specialists?
  • Towards Collaborative Robots as Intelligent Co-workers in Human-Robot Joint Tasks: what to do and who does it?
  • An Architecture for AR-based Human-Machine Interaction with Application to an Autonomous Mobile Robot Platform
  • Development of devices applied to collaborative robot production system based on Collaborative Safety / Safety2.0
  • Using Task-Specific Workspace Maps to Plan and Execute Complex Robotic Tasks in a Flexible Multi-Robot Setup
  • Use CAD Data for Intuitive Definition of Robot Actions in a Skillbased %0ARobot Application Development Environment
  • Robot Path Generation for Curve Manufacturing Processes from Unstructured CAD Data: An Off-line Programming Method
  • Interactive Workspace Layout focusing on the Reconfiguration with Collaborative Robots in Modular Production Systems
  • The Virtual Robotics Lab in education: Hands-on experiments with virtual robotic systems in the Industry 4.0 era
  • Virtual Commissioning with Mixed-Reality for Next-Generation Robot-Based Mechanical Component Testing
  • UEM-CNN: Enhanced Stereo Matching for Unstructured Environments with Dataset Filtering and Novel Error Metrics
  • Model-Free Grasp Learning Framework based on Physical Simulation
  • Spatial scene representation and navigation in a mobile robot using RGB-D camera
  • A Pendulum Apparatus to Evaluate Unconstrained Human-Robot %0AContact
  • Structure of an Industry 4.0 Compliant Architecture Component for the Development of Simulation-based Control Applications in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Automated Item Picking for fashion articles using Deep Learning
  • Robot Learning - An Industrial Perspective on Challenges and Opportunities
  • Application of Ontologies for Semantic Scene Segmentation and Object Recognition
  • Towards Visual Referencing for Location Based Services in Industrial %0ASettings
  • Methodology for choosing the best suitable strategy of robot trajectory adjustment
  • Machine learning approaches for offline-programming optimization in robotic painting
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