An introduction to ETCS

Lars Schnieder

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Lars Schnieder, An introduction to ETCS (2020), Global Rail Group, Bingen a. Rhein, ISBN: 9783962452322

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Beschreibung / Abstract

What you can find in this ABSTRACT:
– Compact introduction to the structure and operation of ETCS
– Overview of operating modes and technical components
– Preparatory reading for tasks in project planning, development and application of ETCS

"An introduction to ETCS" covers the most important aspects of the European Train Control System (ETCS) as part of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). The author introduces the basic technical principles of ETCS, starting from the legal basis. The author presents the structure and the mode of operation of the different equipment levels and describes the individual components of the vehicle and track equipment. The operating modes supported by ETCS are used to show how ETCS can be integrated into railway operations in the various countries. The presentation of basic technical interrelationships and safety functions creates an understanding of the future uniform European train control and protection system.

This ABSTRACT enables students and practitioners in the railway industry to get a quick start on the subject and offers numerous points of contact for further research.


  • An introduction to ETCS
  • Summary
  • Foreword
  • Content
  • 1 ETCS – History and Motivation
  • 2 Legal Framework of ETCS
  • 3 Overview of ETCS Levels
  • 4 Technical Components of ETCS
  • 5 Operating Modes and Transitions between them
  • 6 ETCS functions
  • 7 Outlook
  • Abbreviations
  • Index
  • Advertisements
  • The Author

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