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Fascination Scented Camellias

Helga Urban

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Helga Urban, Fascination Scented Camellias (2010), Verlag Eugen Ulmer, 70599 Stuttgart, ISBN: 9783800192694

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Beschreibung / Abstract

The author Helga Urban has been dealing with camellias for over 20 years.In her own little town garden in Frankfurt/Germany she has collected in excess of 100 different camellias, all white coloured, planted in the open ground and in pots. She has already published two books on camellias in German language. This is the English edition of her most recent third book on camellias.
Helga Urban has dealt with fragrance all her business life. The many exquisite plants in her white garden include surprisingly many fragrant plants. Helga Urban has published several books on fragrance in the garden in German language.
Searching for scented camellias is an obvious consequence of this combination of interests. This interest is further enhanced by the observation that practically all people interested in camellias look for fragrance in camellias being disappointed initially when sniffing a camellia flower and being surprised to find out that there is, indeed, a small number of camellia species and cultivars which do smell and do so in a variety of scents. This observation applies to the participants in guided tours in the author´s own garden and in the Frankfurt Palmengarten as well as to the visitors of the Frankfurt Palmengarten annual camellia show at which occasion Helga Urban has been providing advice to visitors for over 15 years now.
The booklet “Faszination Duftkamelien” published in 2009 is the result of this search. A book just on scented camellias did not exist before, not even in the English speaking world. This E-book is the English edition of this book.


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