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INSEP – Journal of the International Network for Sexual Ethics & Politics 1-2015

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INSEP – Journal of the International Network for Sexual Ethics & Politics 1-2015 (2019), Verlag Barbara Budrich, 51379 Leverkusen, ISSN: 2196-6931, 2015 #1,

Beschreibung / Abstract

INSEP is a trans-disciplinary peer reviewed journal for the publication of critical research work on any aspect of sexual ethics and politics as it pertains to sexual identities, practices, behaviours, relations, orientations, desires and pleasures, geographies, histories, national and transnational politics and policy, theories and ideas. It provides a space where academics and practitioner/activists can debate key and contemporary issues, debates and disagreements on all aspects of sexual ethics and politics.


  • Legal Information
  • Contents
  • Porrovecchio: Introduction
  • Porrovecchio: Doing sex research: History, methods and ethical criticalities
  • Gibout: Social transaction: A relevant paradigm for the sociology of sexuality and gender?
  • Sheppard: Reflections on methods in research in sex and sexuality with disabled people
  • Richards: Researching trans people: Ethics through method
  • Moore: Conducting ethical sexuality research with children and young people: Tensions, ambiguities and contradictions
  • Di Francesco: Researching sexuality and drug addiction
  • Rinaldi: The sociologist as cruiser: Masculinities, deviance and sexuality in gay sex work arenas
  • Between ethics and norms: The problem of normative perceptions of sex and sexuality research
  • Notes on Contributors

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