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PCIM Asia 2019

International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management Proceedings, 26 – 28 June 2019, Shanghai, China

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Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co Ltd.(Hg.), PCIM Asia 2019 (2019), VDE Verlag, Berlin, ISBN: 9783800749713

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Beschreibung / Abstract

The PCIM is the leading Power Electronics Conference worldwide for discussing future technologies in this technical discipline and offering a competent forum for introducing the next generation of components and power electronic building blocks in the market. For almost 10 years power electronics industry is having a positive economic development trend. Within the last decade power electronics technology has become the driving forces for many new fields of applications such as all electric transportation systems, future renewable energy technologies and factory automation systems. The PCIM Asia Conference and Exhibition serves as a technical and scientific platform for engineers and researchers engaged in all fields of power electronics starting from power components, power converter technologies, and future SMART control systems.


  • PCIM Asia 2019
  • Imprint
  • Welcome Adress
  • Advisory Board
  • Table of Content
  • Special Session – Electric Vehicle
  • 1 Silicon Carbide Goes Mass Production: the Dawn of a New Era for Semiconductors in EV
  • 2 High speed electrical machines for vehicle applications
  • 3 Analysis and Suppression of Common Mode Voltage for Motor Drive in EV
  • 4 Key Technologies of Multi-Port Power Conversion Systems for the More Electric Aircraft
  • Environmental Friendly and Renewable Energy Technologies
  • 5 Paralleling of medium-power IGBT modules in windmill converter to reduce size and cost
  • 6 3 level topologies for windmill converter
  • 7 3-Level NPC Topology in Wind Inverter
  • 8 Control Strategy of Parallel Unidirectional Controlled Rectifiers for Reactive Power Compensation
  • Keynote
  • 9 Electric Vehicles Charging – An Ultrafast Overview
  • Poster Session
  • 10 Power Module Application Test System Setup in 3 Levels ANPC Solar Inverter
  • 11 Using IGBT with antiparallel diode in SOT-223
  • 12 pH neutral Cleaning Agents – Market Expectation & Field Performance
  • 13 Research on Current Balance of MOSFET Multi – tube Parallel Connection
  • 14 Electromagnetic analysis of Press Pack IEGT with Transient Skin and Proximity Effects
  • 15 A 1200V/400A Hybrid Module with Si-IGBT and SiC-MOSFET Development
  • 16 Rectifier Design for Frequency Converters using Thyristor or Diode Modules in Parallel Connection
  • 17 Research on SiC MOSFET Application in 1MW PV Inverter
  • 19 A Prospect of Hybrid Planar Power Module
  • 20 New HVIC circuit topology to improve FTB immunity with 650 V / 50 A IGBT IPM for Industrial Applications
  • 21 Introduction of Automotive Smart Power Module series for up to 7.5kW Automotive High Voltage Auxiliary Motor Drive Applications
  • Advanced Power Semiconductors: WBG & New Devices
  • 22 A practical example of hard paralleling SiC MOSFET modules
  • 23 2nd Generation Trench Gate SiC MOSFETs for All-SiC Module
  • 24 High Voltage GaN Power HEMTs Reliability
  • 25 An Integrated Gate Driver Solution for Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Applications
  • 26 Gate Driver Design Consideration and Optimization for Noninverting Buck-Boost Converters
  • Power Converters
  • 27 Analysis the Reverse Conduction Characteristic and Influence of Anti-parallel SiC SBD of eGaN HEMT
  • 28 Crosstalk Mechanism and Suppression Methods for Enhancemen t-Mode GaN HEMTs in A Phase-Leg Topology
  • 29 A Novel 20MHz DC/DC Resonant Converter With Soft-Switching Characteristics and Small Volume
  • 30 A Novel Type of Phase-Shift Controlled Wireless V2H with Dual-Active Single-Ended Converters
  • Advanced Power Semiconductors: Silicon IGBTs & Silicon Devices
  • 31 A New Fast Reverse Recovery Super-Junction MOSFET for high efficiency and reliable EV charging applications
  • 32 Reliability evaluation of IGCT based on demanding long-term application
  • 33 High power IGBT modules with new compact package
  • 34 Evaluation of the Square-Root-t Method in Junction Temperature Measurement
  • 35 Enhancement of maximum current rating with 1,700V 7th-Generation “X Series” RC-IGBT Modules for Industrial Applications
  • Electrification of Automotive
  • 36 A High-Power Miniaturized Wireless EV Charger with a New SiC-VMOSFET driven Single-Ended Inverter
  • 37 Reliable High-temperature SiC Power Module for Automotive Traction Inverter
  • 38 Light Load Efficiency Optimization for Synchronous Converter in Passenger Vehicle
  • 39 High Efficiency Cooling Technology for High Power Density Automotive IGBT Module
  • 40 Hardware-in-Loop Real-Time Test Bed for Microgrid Systems with Multi-Level Control
  • Keynote
  • 41 Traction Motors and Power Electronic Drives of Electric Powertrains for Electrified Vehicles
  • Poster Session
  • 42 A new, intelligent power module with higher power density and smallest package size
  • 43 Application introduction of a small IPM for inverter washing machine
  • 44 Increasing discrete IGBTs power density performance by improving thermal design in welding machines
  • 45 Sintered Silver Interconnects for Traction Inverter Assembly
  • 46 A Quick PCB Thermal Calculation for Power Electronic Devices with Exposed Pad Packages
  • 47 Highly Reliable Protection of Power Module for Automotive Inverter Application
  • 48 Reactive Power Sharing using modified Virtual Impedance and Local load measurement for Islanded Microgrid
  • 49 IGBT Failure Analysis in the Praxis
  • Authors Index
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