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ETG-Fb 159: IKMT 2019

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ETG-Fb 159: IKMT 2019 (2019), VDE Verlag, Berlin, ISBN: 9783800750634

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  • ETG-Fachbericht 159: IKMT 2019
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  • 1 Linear Direct Drive with Inductive Energy Transmission
  • 2 Design of an Integrated Linear Flux Modulating Motor for a Direct-drive Belt Conveyor
  • 3 Resource-saving circulation pump through optimization of the integrated canned motor
  • Entwurf und Simulation 1
  • 4 Comparison of PM line-start motors with surface-mounted and inserted magnets
  • 5 PM line-start short motors with double tooth-coil winding
  • 6 Influence of inverter harmonics on continuous performance of a permanent magnet drive
  • 7 Electric machine design automation with Python and ANSYS Maxwell
  • Piezoelektrische Antriebe, unkonventionelle Antriebe
  • 8 Piezo-Actuated XYPhi-Motor based on Hemispherical Resonators
  • 9 Magnetic Flux Control through Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys in Reluctance Actuators
  • 10 Series and parallel actuation array of elastic micro-twisted string actuators
  • 11 Demonstrator of a low-cost active knee orthosis with twisted string actuation
  • Mechatronische Antriebssysteme 1
  • 12 Cooling of Linear Direct Drives in Precision Engineering with Piezo Fans
  • 13 Influence of PM-Material on the Parameter Uncertainty of Bearingless Synchronous Machines
  • Keynote
  • 14 Hochauflösende miniaturisierte Längenmesssysteme auf magnetischer Basis für Klein- und Mikroantriebe
  • Entwurf und Simulation 2
  • 15 Impact of different cutting methods on core losses and magnetizing demand of electrical steel sheets
  • 16 Semi-analytical and numerical calculation of a great number of induc-tion machines taking into account cutting edges
  • 17 Numerical and Analytical Investigation of Rotor Eddy Current Losses for a Super High Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • 18 Concept of a two-stator axial flux machine with field-wound fiber-composite rotor
  • Antriebssteuerung und Antriebsregelung
  • 19 Dual loop position control for mechanical systems with backlash and elasticity
  • 20 Comparison of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Speed Ripple Reduction of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • 21 Comparison between sliding mode load-torque observer techniques for DC motor without torque sensor
  • 22 Combination of two different sensorless techniques for complete speed range sensorless drive and control of small sized PMSMs
  • 23 Hybrid amplitude and vibration control for a small-scale linear drive with two sliders magnetically spring-loaded
  • 24 Brushless Excitation System for Synchronous Machines with Rotary Transformer supplied by Common Mode Voltage
  • Mechatronische Antriebssysteme 2
  • 25 Aspects of High Performance Flat External Rotor Motors
  • 26 Identification and Approximation of Time Variant Parameters of the Electric Model of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines
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