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IJAR – International Journal of Action Research 2-2019

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IJAR – International Journal of Action Research 2-2019 (2019), Verlag Barbara Budrich, 51379 Leverkusen, ISSN: 1861-1303, 2019 #2,

Beschreibung / Abstract

IJAR – International Journal of Action Research provides a forum for an open and non dogmatic discussion about action research, regarding both its present situation and future perspectives. This debate is open to the variety of action research concepts worldwide.


  • Contents
  • Editorial
  • Allen/Marshall: What could happen when action research meets ideas of sociomateriality?
  • Benites Oliveira/Sobottka: Participant and co-operative research within a social movement of recyclable materials collectors. Methodological reflections on a long-term political praxis
  • Stecanela/Chaves Zen/Pauletti: Action Research and Teacher Education: the use of research in a classroom for the transformation of reality
  • Giannikas: Language Education and primary school children: the story of using stories
  • Book Review
  • Schenatto da Rosa: Systematisation of experience: theory and practice. Cordero, D. B., & Torres Carrillo, A. (2017). La Sistematización como investigación interpretativa crítica. Bogotá: Editorial El Búho.
  • Call for Papers
  • For a special issue of the International Journal of Action Research as part of the Conference to take place in San Sebastian in 2020 (October 1-2)

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