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PCS – Politics, Culture and Socialization 4-2011

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PCS – Politics, Culture and Socialization 4-2011 (2012), Verlag Barbara Budrich, 51379 Leverkusen, ISSN: 1866-3427, 2011 #4,

Beschreibung / Abstract

PCS – Politics, Culture and Socialization publishes new and significant work in all areas of political socialization in order to achieve a better scientific understanding of the origins of political behaviors and orientations of individuals and groups. Political socialization theory and research focus on processes by and structures through which individuals become or do not become politically active and acquire or do not acquire general political knowledge, and particular political beliefs, opinions, attitudes, emotions, values and behavioral intentions. The focus of attention is on political socialization processes – including political education, information, persuasion, marketing, or propaganda and their underlying and accompanying motivations - and political socialization structures – including the family, school, mass media, peer groups, social networks, and politics.


  • Content
  • Preface
  • Articles
  • Yingfa: Research on Political Socialization in China since 1982: Literature Review
  • Jaeckle/Bauschke: Comparing socialization, cultural and individual level effects on attitudes towards nuclear energy – A multilevel analysis of 27 European countries
  • Hagendoorn/Poppe: Consistency of Tolerance, Public Opinion on Immigrants in the Netherlands at the Turn of the Millennium
  • Sohl: Pathways to political efficacy – Theoretical considerations and empirical illustrations on youths’ acquisition of political efficacy
  • Kavadias/Stouthuysen/Dehertogh/Franck: Does Globalization Broaden The Mind?
  • Presentation of Work in Progress
  • Firer: History Teaching On Trial
  • Book Reviews
  • Farnen: ‘Authoritarianism. Conclusions based on a cross-national perspective’. By Dr. Sabrina de Regt (doctoral dissertation). University of Antwerp, Faculty of Political and Social Science, Belgium. 2012, 160 pp. ISBN: 9789057283680.
  • Conference section

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