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Dwelling in Craftwork: The Art of Andrew Omoding

Trevor H.J. Marchand

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Trevor H.J. Marchand, Irene Götz(Hg.), Johannes Moser(Hg.), Alexa Färber(Hg.), Ina Merkel(Hg.), Friedemann Schmoll(Hg.), Nevena Škrbic Alempijevic(Hg.), Dwelling in Craftwork: The Art of Andrew Omoding (2019), Waxmann Verlag, 48159 Münster, ISSN: 2511-2473, 2019 #1, S.46

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Beschreibung / Abstract

The essay explores the ways in which artist Andrew Omoding creates relations between otherwise disparate things, drawing them together into new constellations of meaning that are forever becoming, without fixed starting points or conclusions. Findings suggest the ways in which we come to dwell in practices that afford safety and the possibility for the total immersion of self.

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