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My Home is My Castle – My Coat is My Refuge

Dwelling, Atmospheres, and Communicative Arts

Regina F. Bendix

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Regina F. Bendix, Irene Götz(Hg.), Johannes Moser(Hg.), Alexa Färber(Hg.), Ina Merkel(Hg.), Friedemann Schmoll(Hg.), Nevena Škrbic Alempijevic(Hg.), My Home is My Castle – My Coat is My Refuge (2019), Waxmann Verlag, 48159 Münster, ISSN: 2511-2473, 2019 #1, S.10

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Beschreibung / Abstract

Seeking new approaches to the huge complex from house to hovel, shack to skyscraper, or castle to condominium, the SIEF Congress entitled Dwelling. Crisis – Craft – Creativity sought new avenues to old and well-established areas of research. The present article complements the long history of research on vernacular housing in cultural research with a query on how narration and other communicative arts endow dwellings with atmosphere. Drawing from vernacular and popular sources, the approach seeks an analytic grounding for the concept of atmosphere, in this case, showing how different narrative genres express and/or guide the experience of dwellings and capture sensory perceptions in communicable forms.

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