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European Union and Central Asia

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Beata Przybylska-Maszner(Hg.), Radoslaw Fiedler(Hg.), Tadeusz Wallas(Hg.), European Union and Central Asia (2018), Logos Verlag, Berlin, ISBN: 9783832590277

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Beschreibung / Abstract

A strategic geographic location at the crossroads of Eurasia, makes Central Asia an arena of fierce rivalry between great powers. The development of transport and communications infrastructure in the region as well as resource wealth rapidly change its status in geopolitical arena.

This collection explores the European Union's growing substantial geopolitical interest and presence in Central Asia. Authors analyze changes in the EU's economy, trade and investment relations with the region. They not only explain why the Central Asian region was until recently not regarded by the EU's trade and investment as a priority but identify the potential areas of cooperation, including water management, energy and transport. Authors discuss European engagement in various energy projects aiming mainly to secure energy supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This book also examines the EU's strategy priorities towards Central Asia; i.e. democracy, human rights, rule of law, and good governance. The collection provides clear, concise and fresh explanations of relations between the EU and Central Asian states. An important book recommended for professionals and students of political science and international relations.


  • Introduction
  • Sebastien Peyrouse
  • Increasing the effectiveness of EU education assistance in Uzbekistan. Revising the EU strategy in light of the new regime
  • Tadeusz Bodio
  • The origin and main trends of the evolution of the European Union’s Policy in Central Asia*
  • Beata Przybylska-Maszner
  • The European Union’s Strategy for Central Asia – between political tactics, cooperation and competition
  • Radosław Fiedler
  • European Union democracy and rule of law and civil society promotion in Central Asia and its constraints
  • Filip Kaczmarek
  • The approach of the European Parliament to Central Asia*
  • Bakytbek Kainazarov
  • EU engagement in promotion of democracy in post-Soviet Central Asia: the case study of the Kyrgyz Republic – prospects and challenges*
  • Robert Kmieciak
  • European decentralization experiences and the prospects for local government development in Kazakhstan*
  • Marek Rewizorski
  • Beyond Hydro-Politics Amongst Nations. The European Union, International Institutions and Challenges for Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Project questionnaire
  • Contributors

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