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European Union and Central Asia: Cooperation in Transition

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European Union and Central Asia: Cooperation in Transition (2018), Logos Verlag, Berlin, ISBN: 9783832590277

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  • Introduction
  • Sebastien Peyrouse
  • Increasing the effectiveness of EU education assistance in Uzbekistan. Revising the EU strategy in light of the new regime
  • Tadeusz Bodio
  • The origin and main trends of the evolution of the European Union’s Policy in Central Asia*
  • Beata Przybylska-Maszner
  • The European Union’s Strategy for Central Asia – between political tactics, cooperation and competition
  • Radosław Fiedler
  • European Union democracy and rule of law and civil society promotion in Central Asia and its constraints
  • Filip Kaczmarek
  • The approach of the European Parliament to Central Asia*
  • Bakytbek Kainazarov
  • EU engagement in promotion of democracy in post-Soviet Central Asia: the case study of the Kyrgyz Republic – prospects and challenges*
  • Robert Kmieciak
  • European decentralization experiences and the prospects for local government development in Kazakhstan*
  • Marek Rewizorski
  • Beyond Hydro-Politics Amongst Nations. The European Union, International Institutions and Challenges for Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Project questionnaire
  • Contributors

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