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From Leibniz to Kant

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Katherine Dunlop(Hg.), Samuel Levey(Hg.), From Leibniz to Kant (2019), mentis, Münster, ISBN: 9783957437907

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Beschreibung / Abstract

G.W. Leibniz’s legacy to philosophy is extraordinary for his vast body of work, for his originality and prescience, and for his influence. The aim of this volume is to provide a state-of-the-art exploration of Leibniz’s philosophy and its legacy, especially in the period up to Kant.The essays collected here offer new insights into signature elements of Leibniz’s thought – the theory of contingency, anti-materialism, the principle of sufficient reason, the metaphysics of substance, and his philosophy of mind – as well as the influence of predecessors such as Lull, Descartes, and Malebranche, the reckoning of his ideas in the works of Wolff and Kant, and the contributions of Clarke, Baumgarten, Meier, Du Châtelet, and others to the content, transmission, and reception of Leibnizian philosophy.


  • Cover
  • Titel
  • Impressum
  • Table of Contents
  • From Leibniz to Kant
  • Katherine Dunlop & Samuel Levey: Foreword
  • Legend of Abbreviations
  • Jeffrey McDonough Zeynep Soysal: Leibniz's Formal Theory of Contingency
  • Julia Borcherding: Reflection, Intelligibility, and Leibniz's Case Against Materialism
  • Paul Lodge: Leibniz's Justification of the Principle of Sufficient Reason (Mainly) in the Correspondence with Clarke
  • Gastón Robert: Simples, Representational Activity, and the Communication among Substances: Leibniz and Wolff on pre-established Harmony
  • Patrick R. Leland: Wolff, Baumgarten, and the Technical Idiom of Post-Leibnizian Philosophy of Mind
  • Katherine Dunlop: Definitions and Empirical Justification in Christian Wolff's Theory of Science
  • Huaping Lu-Adler: Between Du Châtelet's Leibniz Exegesis and Kant's Early Philosophy: A Study of Their Responses to the vis viva Controversy
  • Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra: Kant on the Existence and Uniqueness of the Best Possible World
  • Timothy Rosenkoetter: The Canon Problem and the Explanatory Priority of Capacities
  • Stephen Engstrom: The Category of Substance
  • Book Reviews
  • Joseph Tarquin Foulkes Roberts: Persons and Things (Roberto Esposito)
  • List of Contributors

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