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IT in Action

Stimulating Quality Learning at Undergraduate Students

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PhD Gabriela Pleschova(Hg.), IT in Action (2010), Verlag Barbara Budrich, 51379 Leverkusen, ISBN: 9783863884215

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This book examines under which conditions information technology can stimulate high-quality learning, in particular at the undergraduate level and in social science courses. It also reports on possible effects the use of technology might have on student learning. Ex-amples provided by the authors show that emerging technologies can be particularly help-ful while teaching large student groups or while teaching courses with rapidly changing content.


  • Cover
  • IT in Action Stimulating Quality Learning at Undergraduate Students
  • Contents
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Foreword: The Use of IT in H.E. Teaching and Learning (Foreword: The Use of IT in H.E. Teaching and Learning)
  • 1. Introduction: Using Technology to Stimulate Quality Learning (Gabriela Pleschová)
  • Part 1: Innovating Learning by Bringing in IT
  • 2. Recent Innovations in Learning and Teaching in Politics and IR: Can Podcasts Enhance the Student Experience? (Simon Lightfoot)
  • 3. Authoritative Expert Content and University Teaching (Jane Innes)
  • 4. Writing in Public: The Benefits and Limitations of Reflective Blogging on the New Diplomacy (Steven Curtis, Shenaz Bharvaney-Daswani, Hirut Fajembola and Elena Putik)
  • 5. Forum and Blog – Enriching Civic Education Teacher Training with ICT (Jessica Schattschneider)
  • 6. Teaching and Learning through Wikis – Employing Wiki Technology to Stimulate Collaborative Learning (Ulrike Höppner)
  • Part 2: Supporting Teachers while Introducing IT
  • 7. Role of IT in Stimulating Teachers’ Engagement and Efficiency of Teaching
  • 8. The Media Zoo Approach: Promoting Learning Technologies at the University of Leicester (Simon Kear)
  • 9. Bridging the Gap: Developing Academic Staff in Technology-enhanced Learning (TEL) (Vicky Davies)
  • 10. Conclusion: Opportunities and Constraints of Technology to Enhance Learning (Gabriela Pleschová)
  • Index
  • About the Authors

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