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Measuring Media Use and Exposure

Recent Developments and Challenges

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Christina Peter(Hg.), Teresa K. Naab(Hg.), Rinaldo Kühne(Hg.), Measuring Media Use and Exposure (2019), Herbert von Halem, Köln, ISBN: 9783869624563

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Beschreibung / Abstract

The precise measurement of media use and exposure to media content posits currently one of the main methodological challenges in communication research. Against this background, new communication technologies have been gaining particular importance because they change existing patterns of media use and create new types of media use. At the same time, these technologies do not only present a challenge for communication research, but they also provide new opportunities for the assessment of media use.

The volume regards current developments and trends in the measurement of media use and exposure from various perspectives. Contributions deal with the refinement and advancement of classical approaches, and new methods and measures of assessing media use are introduced and evaluated. They also discuss the advantages and challenges of using online behavioral data as indicators for media exposure. Contributions tackle questions how different methods of measuring media use and exposure can be combined to gain a more accurate picture and what pitfalls can occur.


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  • Christina Peter / Teresa K. Naab / Rinaldo Kühne
  • Measuring Media Use and Exposure: Recent Developments and Challenges
  • Benjamin Krämer / Felix Frey
  • Measuring Strategies of Media Use: Methodological Approaches and the ›Techno-phenomenological Gap‹
  • Anna Schnauber-Stockmann / Teresa K. Naab
  • Validating the Response-Frequency Measure of Media Habit
  • Veronika Karnowski / Teresa K. Naab / Daniela Schlütz
  • On the Challenges of Measuring Mobile Social Media Use: Explaining Differences Between Data from Surveys and Mobile Experience Sampling
  • Anne-Linda Camerini / Peter J. Schulz
  • Two Perspectives Are Better than One:Applying the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model to Self-Report Media Studies with Children and Their Parents
  • Steffen Lepa
  • Combining Inverse Propensity Score Weighting with Media Repertoire Clustering as a Way to Increase Validity and Representativeness Of Longitudinal Cross-media Use Studies
  • Stefan Geiss
  • How Content-User Data Linking Decisions Affect Media Effects Estimates: A Model Comparison Approach
  • Marko Bachl / Michael Scharkow
  • Some Suggestions on Dealing with Measurement Error in Linkage Analyses
  • Arne Freya Zillich / Sabrina Heike Kessler
  • Measuring Selective Exposure to Online Information. Combining Eye-tracking and Content Analysis of Users’ Actual Search Behavior
  • Franziska Marquart / Jörg Matthes
  • Measuring Selective Reading Behavior – An Eye-Tracking Approach
  • Freya Sukalla
  • The Use of a Lexical Decision Task to Measure Counterarguing: An Illustrative Example of a New Approach to Post-Exposure Measurement of Media Processing
  • Stefanie Fuchsloch / Gerret von Nordheim / Karin Boczek
  • Unlocking Digitized Public Spheres: Research Opportunities and Legal Challenges in the Use of Text Mining for Content Analysis
  • Damian Trilling
  • Conceptualizing and Measuring News Exposure as Network of Users and News Items
  • Christian Strippel
  • Log File Analysis as a Method for Automated Measurement of Internet Usage
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