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INSEP – Journal of the International Network for Sexual Ethics & Politics 2/2016

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Tom Claes(Hg.), Paul Reynolds(Hg.), INSEP – Journal of the International Network for Sexual Ethics & Politics 2/2016 (2018), Verlag Barbara Budrich, 51379 Leverkusen, ISSN: 2196-6931, 2016 #2,

Beschreibung / Abstract

INSEP is a trans-disciplinary peer reviewed journal for the publication of critical research work on any aspect of sexual ethics and politics as it pertains to sexual identities, practices, behaviours, relations, orientations, desires and pleasures, geographies, histories, national and transnational politics and policy, theories and ideas. It provides a space where academics and practitioner/activists can debate key and contemporary issues, debates and disagreements on all aspects of sexual ethics and politics.


  • Content
  • Symposia: On Lucy Nicholas Queer Post-Gender Ethics
  • Moore: Towards a post-gender ethics: Key concepts, arguments and debates
  • Huffer: A Queer Ethics that Bites into the World
  • McCulloch: Won’t somebody sell me back to me? Building post-gender utopia in a pre-socialist world
  • Nicholas: “Transcending” Analysis/Anything Goes? Response to review symposium on “Queer Post-Gender Ethics”
  • Articles
  • Zambelli: Feminism and BDSM: empirical findings andtheoretical debates in the US, UK and Italy
  • Simpson: At Home with Significant Others or Risky Domestic Space? Middle-aged Gay Men’s Stories of Kinship and Un/Belonging
  • Book Review Article
  • Claes: The Many Meanings of Trafficking. Kamala Kempadoo, Jyoti Sanghera & Bandana Pattanaik (eds.) (2012) Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered: New Perspectives on Migration, Sex Work, and Human Rights. Boulder & London: Paradigm Publishers, updated
  • Reviews Section
  • Beckmann: Cara Judea Alhadeff (2014) Viscous Expectations Justice, Vulnerability, The Ob-scene New York: Atropos Press, pp. 504
  • De Craene: Yvette Taylor and Michelle Addison (eds.) 2013, Queer Presences and Absences Palgrave ‘Genders and Sexualities in the Social Sciences’ Series, Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 282
  • Leterre: Hines, Claire; Kerr, Darren. 2012, Hard to Swallow: Hard-Core Pornography on Screen New York: Columbia University Press, pp. 233
  • Reynolds: Tam Sangar and Yvette Taylor (eds.) 2013, Mapping Intimacies: Relations, Exchanges, Affects Palgrave MacMillan Studies in Family and Intimate Life, Houndmills: Palgrave MacMillan, pp. 257 +xv
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Contributors

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