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History & Constitution

Developments in European Constitutionalism: the comparative experience of Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium

Luigi Lacchè

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Luigi Lacchè, History & Constitution (2016), Vittorio Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main, ISBN: 9783465142850

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Beschreibung / Abstract

This volume gathers together 25 essays dedicated to the history of four important constitutional experiments (France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy). While it considers these experiments and developments in the 19th and 20th centuries, comparative constitutional history, nevertheless, offers the possibility of obtaining a wider purview. It is in this sense that we can speak of the myth of the English constitution pervading the discourses and language of the French liberals, of Belgium being referred to as “Little England” in Italy, and the Modell Deutschland as increasingly becoming an object of fascination for Italian scholars of public law. In the 1830s Alexis de Tocqueville analysed the situation in Switzerland and compared the different kinds of federalism present in America and in Europe. A European comparative constitutional history, taking up a global perspective, can help us to better decipher two very important issues pertinent to our times: first, for assessing the identity and the constitutional substance of a living common core of the European constitutional traditions; and second, for considering constitutional history as a useful tool to address different levels of global constitutionalism and new trends of governance. History & Constitution offers not only insights into the past, but also provides some guidelines for the future.


  • Front Cover
  • Impressum
  • Contents
  • When history meets the constitution
  • I. Constitution and federalism: the Swiss experience
  • Costituzioni e federalismo nella Svizzera del XIX secolo
  • Una "mobile complessità"
  • II. Constitution, Monarchy, popular sovereignty: the Belgian experience
  • La costituzione belga del 1831
  • Constitución, Monarquía, Parlamento
  • III. Constitution, Monarchy, representative Government: the French experience
  • Coppet et la percée de l'État libéral constitutionnel
  • Granted Constitutions
  • La garanzia della Costituzione
  • Governo rappresentativo e principio parlamentare
  • La razionalizzazione ottocentesca
  • "Gouverner n'est point administrer. Régner est encore autre chose que gouverner"
  • IV. Constitutional developments and discourses: the Italian experience
  • Responsabilità ministeriale
  • L'ordine costituzionale liberale nel XIX secolo
  • Il "discorso" costituzionale nell'opera di Giuseppe Pisanelli
  • Il potere giudiziario come "potere politico" in Attilio Brunialti
  • Das "französische Verwaltungsmodell" und die italienische Rechtskultur im 19. Jahrhundert
  • L'opinione pubblica nazionale e l'appello al popolo
  • Per una teoria costituzionale dell'opinione pubblica
  • Lo Stato giuridico e la costituzione sociale
  • Il nome della libertà. Tre dimensioni nel secolo della Costituzione (1848-1948)
  • La "lotta per il regolamento"
  • La "sentenza Mortara" e il voto politico alle donne
  • La Corte e il costituzionalismo
  • Il tempo e i tempi della Costituzione
  • V. Comparative constitutional History and European perspectives
  • Europa "una et diversa"
  • The Italian Constitutional Tradition and the Debate around a European Constitution
  • Index of Authors

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