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Staying in Life

Paving the Way to Dementia-Friendly Communities

Gabriele Kreutzner, Reimer Gronemeyer und Verena Rothe

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Gabriele Kreutzner, Reimer Gronemeyer, Verena Rothe, Staying in Life (2017), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839438909

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Beschreibung / Abstract

We are constantly growing older, and there are an increasing number of elderly people living with dementia who are merely being 'taken care of'. There is no question that we need alternatives to the established procedures.
What can we do to create spaces where we can stay in life - rather than just staying alive? How can we turn the individual environments of people with and without dementia into 'places of human warmth'?
In Germany, initiatives attempting to answer these questions are on the rise: Committed individuals from politics, art, churches, social and volunteer work etc. are creatively working towards dementia-friendly communities. In this book, three authors, intimately familiar with the topic, explore initial movements, obstacles, and first approaches.


Verena Rothe (MA), is sociologist and leader of the project »Menschen mit Demenz in der Kommune« and managing director of Aktion Demenz e.V., Giessen, Germany.
Gabriele Kreutzner (Dr.), cultural and media scientist, is actively engaged in projects related to dementia and is co-chair of Aktion Demenz e.V. She lives in Stuttgart, Germany.
Reimer Gronemeyer (Prof. Dr. Dr.) is theologist and social scientist at the University Gießen.


  • Cover
  • Content
  • Acknowledgements
  • Opening remarks by the Robert Bosch Foundation
  • Preface
  • Part 1. The Dementia-Friendly Community – A Daring Venture
  • 1. Dementia – the major issue
  • 2. Dementia-friendly communities: how did it start ?
  • 3. The humus of the community – premises for a dementia-friendly community
  • 4. Dementia shines a light on it: on the way to a new conviviality
  • Part 2. People in the community living with dementia – the programme
  • 1. Paving the way to dementia-friendly communities ?
  • 2. Topics and activities
  • 3. Chosen methods and achieved effects
  • 4. Common topics and exchanging experiences
  • 5. Conclusion
  • Part 3. Between Reflection and concrete Action
  • 1. Aktion Demenz – how far have we come ?
  • 2. Towards a different way of looking after?
  • Funded Projects

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