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Contemporary Curating and Museum Education

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Carmen Mörsch(Hg.), Angeli Sachs(Hg.), Thomas Sieber(Hg.), Contemporary Curating and Museum Education (2016), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839430804

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Beschreibung / Abstract

In the context of critical museology, museums are questioning their social role, defining the museum as a site for knowledge exchange and participation in creating links between past and present. Museum education has evolved as a practice in its own right, questioning, expanding and transforming exhibitions and institutions. How does museum work change if we conceive of curating and education as an integrated practice?
This question is addressed by international contributors from different types of museums. For anyone interested in the future of museums, it offers insights into the diversity of positions and experiences of translating the »grand designs« of museology into practice.


Carmen Mörsch (Prof.), born 1968, art education practitioner and researcher, is head of the Institute of Art Education at Zurich University of the Arts and teaches in the Master of Arts in Art Education Curatorial Studies Education.
Angeli Sachs (Prof.), born 1956, is an art historian, head of the Master of Arts in Art Education and the Specialization Curatorial Studies at Zurich University of the Arts as well as curator at the Museum of Design Zurich.
Thomas Sieber (Prof.), born 1961, is a cultural historian and teaches with a focus on cultural and museum studies at Zurich University of the Arts.


  • Cover
  • Content
  • Preface
  • Curating and Museum Education as Expansion of the Display
  • Introduction
  • Reaching Out How to Increase the Social and Cultural Value of Architecture?
  • Curation & Education as an Integrated Concept The Exhibition Out to Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project in the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
  • In Dialogue with the Visitors The AFRITECTURE Exhibition and its Interactive Display
  • PUZZLE Education as Curatorial Practice
  • Curatorial Work Towards a New Relationship Between People, Places and Things MUDE Museum Action to Boost the Intrinsic Relational Value of Culture
  • Curating and Museum Education as Expansion of the Museum
  • Introduction
  • Identity and Ambiguity Experiences from Hohenems with the Objects of Dispersal
  • City History Museums as Generators of Participation
  • Exhibiting Migration Forms of Representation between Visibility and Invisibility
  • How Access-iting? Museums as Cultural Educators or Shelters of Knowledge
  • The Participatory City Museum
  • Education at the Centre of the District Six Museum
  • Curating and Museum Education as Social Intervention
  • Introduction
  • Contact Zone (Un)realised ‘Other’ Visitors as Interventions in the Exhibition Space
  • Inside the Post-Representative Museum
  • The Anatomy of an AND
  • Who’s Gallery? #BlankSlates and Geniuses Living Young
  • Curation and Education as a Decolonisation of the Museum
  • Introduction
  • Wiphala Identity and Conflict
  • The Decolonisation of the Mapuche Museum in Cañete
  • Education in Museums, Community Mediation and the Right to the City in the Historic Centre of Quito
  • “Good for You, But I Don’t Care!” Critical Museum Pedagogy in Educational and Curatorial Practice
  • Visitors or Community? Collaborative Museology and the Role of Education and Outreach in Ethnographic Museums
  • Bibliography
  • Authors and Editors
  • Illustration credits

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