Atlas of Radiology of the Traumatized Dog and Cat

The Case-Based Approach Second Edition

Joe P. Morgan und Pim Wolvekamp

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Joe P. Morgan, Pim Wolvekamp, Atlas of Radiology of the Traumatized Dog and Cat (2010), Schlütersche, Hannover, ISBN: 9783899930962


Beschreibung / Abstract

The totally revised second edition of this comprehensive Atlas describes and explains the uses of diagnostic radiology and provides detailed instructions on how best to apply this technique to the diagnosis of traumatized dogs and cats, including a range of emergency cases. The main focus of the revised concept is the descriptive presentation of clinical cases.

The book consists of three main chapters: thoracic, abdominal and musculoskeletal trauma, including emergency cases. Four smaller chapters cover soft tissue injury, gunshot wounds, cases of abuse and poisoning.
The first part of each chapter reviews the basics of the particular radiological techniques necessary for that section, radiographic characteristics, indications for examination, and diagnoses. This introduction is followed by numerous radiographically illustrated case studies. Each case is discussed in detail relative to the clinical history, the findings on physical examination, radiographic procedures, a description of the radiographic features/patterns determined on evaluation of the radiographs, a specific or differential diagnosis, and the treatment or management received by the patient. Follow-up-radiographic studies demonstrate the healing process in selected cases.

Veterinary practitioners will find ample material in the Atlas which will help to reinforce or improve their clinical and technical skills.


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