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New Perspectives on Collectivity

Gesa Ziemer

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Gesa Ziemer, Complicity (2016), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839435175

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Beschreibung / Abstract

Occupy, Commons and other social experiments show: New collectivities are invented and tested. Gesa Ziemer enriches this debate through the insight that in the process, the reinterpretation of old forms of joint action can play an essential role. By looking at complicities in art, science and economy, ongoing collectivization is exposed.
Complicity means the committing of an act together, so the definition of criminal law. But for a long time now the concept has also been targeted at legal collective actions - mainly in innovative environments. Individuals act jointly in an intensely affective way - albeit only temporarily, bindingly in common - but still individually, inventively - and at the same time in a goal-oriented manner.


Gesa Ziemer (Prof. Dr. phil.) is Professor of Cultural Theory and Vice President of Research at the HafenCity University in Hamburg. She is Director of the City Science Lab, a cooperation with the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, and Spokesperson of the post-graduate program »Performing Citizenship«.


  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • 1. Definition and Reinterpretation of Complicity – from Criminal Law to Media Discourse
  • 1.1 Criminal Law
  • 1.2 Films and Literature: Bonnie and Clyde (1967) (USA, Dir.: Arthur Penn), Komplizinnen (1987) (Germany, Dir.: Margit Czenki) and Les Complices (Georges Simenon, 1956)
  • 1.3 Illegality and Innovation
  • 2. Everyday: Changed Social and Political Figures
  • 2.1 From the Collective to the Connective
  • 2.2 Situational Socialities: The Unforeseen Voting Out of a Politician
  • 2.3 Friendship in Relation to Complicity
  • 3. Work: Transformed Work Environments
  • 3.1 Failed Complicities (By Example of Radical Innovation)
  • 3.2 Complicity in Relation to Teams, Alliances, Networks and other Pacts, such as the Mafia
  • 3.3 Life Tactics and Survival Tactics
  • 4. Authorship: Complicit Collectivity
  • 4.1 Conspiratorial Artist-Accomplices: Konspirative KüchenKonzerte, Situationists, geheimagentur, Beat Bag Bohemia
  • 4.2 A New Form of Collectivity: The Project NAME readymade by Janez Janša
  • 4.3 Complicitous Authorship (with the Audience)
  • 5. The Research Film Komplizenschaften (2007) (Switzerland, Dir.: Barbara Weber/Gesa Ziemer)
  • 6. Instead of a Summary: 15 Indicators of Complicity
  • 6.1 Playfully: 15 Indicators
  • 6.2 Remarks on the Indicators
  • 6.3 Surprising (Urban) Public Spheres: Art in Complicity with Not-Art
  • Bibliography

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