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Childhood and Migration

From Experience to Agency


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Jacqueline Knörr(Hg.), Childhood and Migration (2015), transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, ISBN: 9783839403846

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Beschreibung / Abstract

This volume puts an emphasis on the question how children themselves experience and manage migration and by means of which they construct an identity for themselves which takes into account their experiences from both their places of origin and their host societies. What role does the cultural background of the society of origin on the one hand and the strategies of integration found in the host society on the other play in the creation of identity and of a concept of home, origin and belonging? How do children express processes of cultural orientation and integration (music, media, fashion, style) and what role do peer groups and social milieus play in this regard? How do migrant children experience xenophobia and a lack of acceptance on the side of the host society and how do they counter-balance such experiences?
The approach taken is both comparative and interdisciplinary, the contributors having different theoretical and methodological backgrounds, the contributions dealing with different social and cultural settings both with regard to place of origin and host society.


Jacqueline Knörr (Dr. phil.), anthropologist, is associate professor and head of the Research Group »Integration and Conflict as Dimensions of Cultural Tradition, Social Dynamics and Historical Experience in the Upper Guinea Coast (West Africa)« at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle/Saale, Germany. Her main areas of research are West Africa and Indonesia.


Besprochen in:

Int. Migration & Integration, 23.10.2007, Anna Kirova
Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, 131 (2006), Ulrike Bieker


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This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 License (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


  • Cover Childhood and Migration
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Coming of Age as "The Third Generation." Children of Immigrants in Berlin
  • When German Children Come "Home." Experiences of (Re-)migration to Germany- and some Remarks about the "TCK"- issue
  • Leaving the Shtetl Behind. Children' s Literature on Jewish Migration from Eastem Europe
  • Displacement and Identity. The Memoirs of a Juvenile Deportee under Soviet Occupation
  • Children Making Media. Constructions of Home and Belonging
  • Children Writing Migration. Views from a Southem ltalian Mountain Village
  • Small Heroes. Rap Music and Selective Belongings of Young Haitian Immigrants in Montrea
  • Liminaolity as Linguistic Process. Immigrant Youth and Experiences of Language in Germany and the United States
  • Childhood Dynamics in a Changing Culture. Exampes from the Xavante People of Central Brazil
  • Contributors

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