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IJREE – International Journal for Research on Extended Education 2/2015


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Sabine Maschke(Hg.), Ludwig Stecher(Hg.), Alan Dyson(Hg.), Fuyuko Kanefuji(Hg.), Björn Haglund(Hg.), IJREE – International Journal for Research on Extended Education 2/2015 (2015), Verlag Barbara Budrich, 51379 Leverkusen, ISSN: 2196-3673, 2015 #2,

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Beschreibung / Abstract

IJREE – International Journal for Research on Extended Education aims at creating international visibility and a stronger scientific profile for the research field of extended education. The Journal is published by a group of internationally renowned educational researchers and was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). From early childhood to late adolescence, young people are enrolled in various public or private forms of educational  arrangements. Some of them, particularly pre-school-aged children, attend kindergarten or participate in early learning courses. School-aged children often participate in school- or community-based programmes, forms of private tutoring or after-school activities such as art courses or academic clubs, or they attend all-day schools.  In as far as these activities and programmes focus on the social, emotional and academic development of children and young people and are pedagogically structured to make it easier for the participants to learn specific contents they can be summarized by the term extended education.


  • Content
  • Editors’ Preface
  • Hernández-Hernández/Sancho-Gil: Blurring Educational Boundaries to Visualise Young People’s Agency in Learning Practices
  • Erstad: Learning Lives Across Educational Boundaries: Continuity and Discontinuity in Learning Trajectories
  • Fendler/Puigcercós: New Learning Imaginaries: Youth Perspectives on Learning In and Outside School
  • Aguirre: Learning and Attitudes Towards the Knowledge of the Young Producers of Visual Culture
  • Kumpulainen/Mikkola: Researching Formal and Informal Learning: From Dichotomies to a Dialogic Notion of Learning
  • Närvänen/Elvstrand: What is Participation? Pedagogues’ Interpretative Repertoires and Ideological Dilemmas Regarding Children’s Participation in Swedish Leisure-time Centres
  • Kielblock: Program Implementation and Effectiveness of Extracurricular Activities: An Investigation of Different Student Perceptions in Two German All-Day Schools
  • Hoon Bae/Bin Jeon/le Han: Influential Factors in the Out-of-class Activities of Korean College Students
  • Fraij/Kielblock: Research on Extended Education Around the Globe? A Brief Examination of the First Five Issues of the IJREE
  • Authors

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